Shopping Reviews (2024) Is Amazideal Scam Or Legit Store?

January 16, 2024

In the vast landscape of online shopping, emerges with tempting offers, but beware! This article is a crucial guide with Amazideal reviews, exposing red flags that underscore the dubious nature of this platform. From ownership concerns to unrealistic discounts, we delve into the suspicious elements that demand your attention before considering a purchase on this website.

Understanding claims to be a hub for affordable fashion items, but a closer look reveals a web of concerns. Operated by Bin Estrella GmbH, a company with a dubious reputation, the brand raises significant questions about its legitimacy. Additionally, its purported location in the UK turns out to be a facade, as the actual operations are traced back to China.

Red Flags: Why Demands Caution?

  1. Tied to a Shady Company: Bin Estrella GmbH, the company behind Amazideal, has a concerning association with untrustworthy online stores and is linked to bait-and-switch scams, as reported in customer reviews.
  2. China-Based Operation: Despite claiming a UK presence, operates out of China, leading to prolonged shipping times, often stretching into weeks or months.
  3. Recent Website Creation: The website’s recent creation in July 2022, set to expire in July 2023, raises suspicions of a potentially short-lived and disposable platform.
  4. Lack of Customer Support: The brand provides no email address, and attempts to contact customer support prove futile. The absence of responsive customer service is a significant red flag.
  5. Absence on Social Media: Legitimate online stores maintain an active social media presence. Its lack of engagement on social platforms adds to its dubious nature.
  6. Unrealistic Discounts: The platform lures shoppers with unbelievably low prices, a common tactic used by fraudulent stores to attract unsuspecting buyers.
  7. Dubious Refund Policy: While claiming a 30-day refund policy, imposes high return shipping costs, creating an exorbitant hurdle for customers seeking refunds.

Shopping Experience On follows the classic bait-and-switch scam model. After debiting customers for purchases and sending confirmation emails with tracking details, the store fails to deliver the ordered items. Customers either receive counterfeit or inferior products, falling prey to deceptive tactics.

Is A Scam?

Yes, exhibits all the classic signs of a scam. From questionable company affiliations and unrealistic discounts to a lack of social media presence, the evidence strongly suggests that this is not a trustworthy platform. Shoppers may face the risk of receiving subpar products or experiencing potential financial losses.

Using PayPal: Safety Considerations

Even with PayPal, users are not entirely safe when dealing with fraudulent stores like Exploiting a flaw in PayPal’s system, scammers can manipulate tracking numbers, making disputes almost impossible. Caution is advised, even when using PayPal for transactions on

What To Do If You’ve Shopped From

If you’ve fallen victim to, act promptly. Contact your bank to cancel the transaction, file a dispute claim, and secure your credit card information. Timely action can minimize potential losses and prevent further unauthorized transactions.

Conclusion: Amazideal Reviews poses a serious risk to online shoppers, with its questionable practices and associations. From ownership issues to the lack of customer support, this platform raises numerous concerns. Stay vigilant, heed the warnings, and consider safer alternatives for your online shopping endeavors.

Protecting Yourself From Online Shopping Scams:

Online shopping fraud remains a prevalent concern. To safeguard yourself, follow these steps:

  • Check the Domain Age: Verify the website’s age on
  • Verify Physical Location: Confirm the provided return address for legitimacy.
  • Check Reviews: Research customer reviews to gauge the store’s credibility.
  • Social Media Presence: Ensure that social media icons on the website lead to active profiles.

Make sure to stay informed and take necessary precautions to protect your sensitive data.


Is a legitimate online store for fashion items?

No, the Amazideal reviews raise serious concerns regarding its legitimacy. From questionable ownership to deceptive practices, it is advised to avoid making purchases on this platform.

How can I verify the legitimacy of an online store like

To assess the credibility of any online store, check its domain age using, confirm the provided return address for legitimacy, research customer reviews, and ensure the presence of active social media profiles.

What risks do customers face when shopping on this website?

Customers on this website may encounter a range of issues, including receiving counterfeit or inferior products, facing prolonged shipping times due to the platform’s China-based operation, and struggling with unresponsive customer support.

Is using PayPal a secure payment option on

While using PayPal provides an additional layer of security, it does not guarantee complete safety. Fraudulent stores like can exploit vulnerabilities in PayPal’s system, making it challenging to dispute transactions. Caution is advised even when using PayPal on this platform.

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