Construction Home Improvement Shopping Reviews: Is Ashoktimber Legit Or A Scam Online Store?

July 24, 2023

Online shopping has become a common practice these days. However, it is very important to practice caution when making any purchase on an online platform. In this in-depth reviews, we will discuss its legitimacy and help our readers make an informed decision when shopping online. Reviews: What Is Ashoktimber? is an online platform that deals in a variety of products, including electric grinders, drills, saws, hangers, and more, all at jaw-dropping discounted prices. Some of the products listed on their website are:

  • 16″ hickory straight handle 40 oz. steelhead smooth face ball pein hammer
  • 1.5″ lightweight water pump
  • 18V LXT brushless 1″ rotary hammer kit (3.0 Ah)
  • Swiss diamond classic series 11 in. cast aluminum nonstick square frying pan in gray 

Website Specifications

Website URL
Business Address Regions Harbert Plaza, 1901 6th Ave N #520, Birmingham, AL 35203, USA
Telephone Number Not Available
Product Categories A Variety Of Items
Registered On 2012-11-09
Payment Method Pay With a Credit/Debit Card

Red Flags

Social Media Presence

One of the features of a reputable online store is its active presence on social media platforms. However, Ashoktimber seems to lack this aspect, as there are no social media icons linked to its business-related pages. 

Copied Content

A crucial aspect of identifying scams is comparing website details with other known scam sites. According to our research, Ashoktimber’s website theme and various other elements match those of multiple suspicious websites. This similarity is a red flag and casts doubt on the authenticity of Ashoktimber.

Discount And Sales Offers

While discounts and sales are common in the e-commerce world, some deals can be too good to be true. Ashoktimber lists numerous products at unrealistically low prices, which are highly uncommon even during major shopping events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. The presence of such unusually cheap offers raises suspicions about the legitimacy of the store.

Customer Complaints And Delivery

A quick search reveals that many customers have complained about Ashoktimber’s product quality, delivery times, and lackluster customer support. Consistent negative feedback is a strong indication of potential issues with an online store, and this adds to the doubts surrounding Ashoktimber.

Lacks Security Measures

The website is not safe, as it isn’t secured with McAfee and is vulnerable to hackers who can breach customers’ personal and financial details. Reviews: Conclusion

Is Ashoktimber legit? Based on the evidence presented above, it appears that Ashoktimber operates as a scam online store. The lack of social media presence, similarities to other scam websites, and highly unrealistic discounts all contribute to the conclusion that Ashoktimber is not a trustworthy platform for making online purchases.


Is Ashoktimber legit?

Based on our research and the evidence presented in our review, Ashoktimber appears to be a scam site rather than a legitimate online store.

What are the risks of shopping on Ashoktimber?

Shopping on Ashoktimber comes with significant risks, such as 

  • Potential loss of money due to low-quality products or items not being delivered at all
  • Poor and unresponsive customer support
  • The potential risk of a data breach

How can I help others avoid falling victim to scams like Ashoktimber?

You can help others by sharing your experiences and spreading awareness about suspicious websites on social media platforms.

Are there any negative reviews online?

Yes, there are numerous negative reviews about Ashoktimbers online that highlight the issues related to the website including poor customer support and prolonged delivery times.

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