Jobs Reviews: Is Legit Or A Scam Amazon Product Tester?

November 29, 2023

Before you consider signing up with for a seemingly lucrative work-from-home opportunity, it’s vital to understand the red flags raised by genuine users. This article meticulously examines the questionable practices of this platform, touted as a money-earning opportunity. Join us as we shine a light on the reasons behind its dismal ratings and seek the answer to the pivotal question: Is legit? 

Let’s delve into multiple facets to reveal the truth. An Overview

Basicstester claims to offer enticing roles such as Amazon Product Tester, Netflix Tagger, and participation in the Amazon Vine Program. However, our Basictester reviews investigation suggests that it operates as a scam job website, luring visitors with promises of easy money through various Amazon-related tasks.

How Operates?

In order to earn rewards on this website, users are required to complete a specific number of deals at each level. The platform introduces a “Level Up” program, allowing users to select or change their reward values. While the promise of easy money sounds appealing, several red flags indicate otherwise.

A Closer Look At Platform Features lacks crucial information:

  • Website Name:
  • Contact Details: No mention of email, contact address, or phone number.
  • Product Type: Advertised as a money-earning app.
  • Payment Options: PayPal, CashApp, Venmo, and more.
  • Social Media Links: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,.

Basicstester: Unraveling The Questionable Strategies

In our comprehensive investigation, a closer look at the site’s operations reveals several concerning practices.

1. Questionable Payment Procedures

The platform’s reported delays in payments, masquerading as a necessary processing period, have left users disillusioned. Despite the platform’s claim of verifying user actions, a substantial number of users find themselves without the earnings they are rightfully owed.

2. Heightened Risk Of Identity Theft

A particularly unsettling aspect of Basicstester is its demand for users to provide their social security numbers during various tasks. This not only raises eyebrows but also exposes users to the looming threat of identity theft, a crime that has seen rapid growth in recent times.

3. Fresh Registration Raises Concerns

The recent registration of the website in February 2023 adds another layer of doubt. This timeframe aligns with a well-known trend among fraudulent websites that opt for new domain names. The association with such practices naturally casts shadows on its authenticity.

User Testimonials: Uncovering Deceptive Practices

Real users share their experiences:

  • A Reddit user warns about being a “big scam” attempting to extract personal information repeatedly.
  • Instagram and TikTok users express skepticism, noting the sketchy nature of the platform.
  • Doubts about’s legitimacy surface on various social media platforms, highlighting questionable practices.

Afterword: Is Legit?

In conclusion, is unequivocally identified as a scam. The platform fails to fulfill its promises of payment for completed tasks and referrals. Instead, it appears to exploit users by selling their personal information, including email, phone number, and credit card details, potentially to the dark web.

Final Caution: The $40 Signup Bonus Trap

Despite the lure of a $40 signup bonus, users are warned that is not a legitimate platform for earning money. No amount of referrals or completed tasks results in payment, making it a futile endeavor.

Protecting Yourself: Stay Informed & Vigilant

To safeguard against scams like, users are encouraged to:

  • Conduct Thorough Research: Investigate platforms thoroughly before providing personal information or investing time.
  • Exercise Caution with Personal Information: Be wary of sharing sensitive information, especially on platforms with questionable practices.
  • Trustworthy Platforms Only: Choose reputable platforms with transparent operations to ensure a secure online experience.

By staying informed and vigilant, users can protect themselves from falling prey to deceptive schemes like this website and ensure a safer online environment.


  1. Is a legitimate work-from-home opportunity?

No, the website is identified as a scam. Users have reported issues with delayed payments, identity theft concerns, and the platform’s dubious practices, leading to its classification as an illegitimate source of income.

  1. What red flags should I look out for on

Watch for delayed payments under the guise of ‘processing,’ the platform’s insistence on providing a social security number for tasks, and the recent registration of the website in February 2023. These are indicative of potential fraudulent activities.

  1. Can I trust the $40 signup bonus offered by this site?

The $40 signup bonus appears to be a bait to attract users. Despite promises, users report that no amount of referrals or completed tasks leads to actual payments. Exercise caution and be skeptical of such enticing offers.

  1. How can I protect myself from scams like

Safeguard yourself by conducting thorough research before engaging with any online platform. Be cautious about sharing sensitive information, especially social security numbers, on platforms with questionable practices. Choose reputable and transparent platforms to ensure a secure online experience. Stay informed and vigilant to protect against potential scams.

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