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Bin Estrella GmbH Reviews: Is It Legit Or A Scam?

December 4, 2023

Bin Estrella GmbH is a private company claiming a German location. In this comprehensive Bin Estrella GmbH reviews article, we dissect the company’s questionable practices and shed light on the fraudulent online stores associated with it. Understanding the red flags of potential scams is crucial to safeguard your finances. Explore the intricacies of Bin Estrella GmbH as we unveil the deceitful tactics used by purportedly legitimate businesses.

Bin Estrella GmbH Overview

Bin Estrella GmbH, presenting itself as a German entity, is, in truth, a Chinese-based company. Its prominence lies in its connection with deceptive online stores, where it plays a central role in various scams, alluring customers with discounts that are often too good to be true. Behind the facade of legitimacy, Bin Estrella GmbH functions as a parent company to multiple fraudulent websites, revealing a complex web of dubious practices within the realm of online business. Let’s explore this company further to get more insights.

Names Of Associated Fraudulent Stores:

A comprehensive investigation reveals a network that extends from Stanley1913us to Ziestar, where these deceptive stores strategically leverage the credibility of Bin Estrella GmbH to perpetrate scams, deceiving unsuspecting consumers. Recently, various deceitful online stores were identified, all listing Bin Estrella GmbH Company Limited as their parent organization. Some of these dubious establishments include:

  • Stanley1913us Ziestar
  • Nytith Cidzilla Groulye Echtspecials
  • Jacqu Lasamoe
  • Wegooty Cailety Joysav Charmpowd
  • Bsrrd Buetlly
  • Neosue Diaink Siird Abeacelit Shareadeals

Bin Estrella GmbH Specifications: Unveiling Key Details

The details of Bin Estrella GmbH, including its name, registration number (064110000), and purported address (Pallaswiesenstraβe 180, 64293 Darmstadt, Germany). However, suspicions arise as investigations hint at potential ties to Chinese-owned shell companies.

Estrella GmbH Evaluation Through Reviews

Estrella GmbH has garnered attention through a series of revealing reviews that cast a shadow over its seemingly legitimate facade. A comprehensive examination into potential scam activities brings to light the company’s registration in Germany, dating back to December 2016. Furthermore, there are suspicions of affiliations with the Uniqueness Scam Network in China, adding an additional layer of concern. The provided address, Pallaswiesenstraβe 180, contributes to the skepticism surrounding the company, as questions arise about the veracity of its physical existence.

Guidelines For Identifying Scam Websites

Evaluate Domain Age: Conduct a thorough investigation into the age of the website using This step provides valuable insights into the site’s credibility and longevity.

Assess Physical Location Authenticity: Take the extra step to ensure the legitimacy of the provided return address. Paste it into your browser and utilize Google Maps to distinguish between authentic warehouses and potential scam locations.

Review Customer Feedback: Scrutinize online customer reviews to gauge the store’s reputation. Pay attention to the absence of reviews, as this may serve as a cautionary signal, prompting the need for additional verification.

Validate Social Media Presence: Confirm the functionality of social media icons on the website. Fraudulent platforms often display non-functional buttons, emphasizing the necessity to verify their legitimacy.

Bin Estrela GmbH: Final Words

In navigating the murky waters of online shopping, understanding the deceptive practices of companies like Bin Estrella GmbH becomes paramount. By unraveling the intricacies of its operations and recognizing the associated scams, consumers can safeguard their hard-earned money. Stay vigilant, employ the outlined checks, and protect yourself from falling victim to fraudulent schemes prevalent in the digital realm.


How can I verify the authenticity of a website’s address?

Paste the provided return address into your browser and use Google Maps to determine if it is a genuine warehouse or a residential address.

Why is Bin Estrella GmbH associated with fraudulent online stores?

Bin Estrella GmbH serves as a parent company to various deceptive online outlets, exploiting its purported legitimacy to lure unsuspecting customers.

What should I do if I suspect a website is a scam?

If in doubt, it’s advisable to wait for customer reviews or reach out to reliable sources for verification before making any purchases.

What Online Stores Mention Bin Estrella GmbH?

Numerous fraudulent online stores, such as Stanley1913us and Ziestar, mention Bin Estrella GmbH as their parent company.

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