Brad Mondo Hair Dye

Brad Mondo Hair Dye Review (May 2022)

May 11, 2022

We all love following new fashion trends. That’s why everyone gets their hair colored nowadays in quirky shades. However, a new hair color product launched recently and took the fashion industry by storm. Brad Mondo Hair Dye is being referred here. It is a hair color product available in some quirky and vibrant shades.  

Brad Mondo Hair Dye was launched by a sensational YouTuber cum hairstylist, Brad Mondo, who named the product after himself only. The product was introduced in the market some time back. Brad Mondo is known for making fashion videos, and he also launched a product range named XMONDO. His videos and products have gathered love from a lot of his followers.   

He earlier launched Brad Mondo Hair Dye in very basic shades with the purpose of covering greys. But eventually, with changing fashion trends, some new in-demand colors were added to the range. So now, people have three vibrant color options to transform their hair look, including Super Blue, Super Pink, and Super Purple.   

Brand Mondo’s product range isn’t only confined to hair dyes but consists of shampoo, conditioner, foam, hair colors, serums, and many more. All these together aim to enhance the appearance and make its users keep pace with ongoing fashion trends.  

The hair dye comes in three major shades:

  • Super Blue  
  • Super Pink  
  • Super Purple  

Deeper Insights Into The Brad Mondo Hair Dye  

The hair dye is available in 8 fl. Oz. Or 237 MI and is sold for 28 USD all around the United States. The hair dye has various healthy ingredients like bond developers, sodium hyaluronate, numerous proteins and amino acids, vegetable proteins, water, and multiple nourishing nutrients like Iron Oxide, Acetyl Alcohol, Dimethicone, Glycerin, Persea Gratissima Oil, Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice, Hydrolyzed wheat proteins, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil, Ricinus communis seed oil, Cetrimonium chloride, and many others.  

The bond developers in the Brad Mondo hair dye develop new hair bonds and support hair growth by repairing hair damage. The presence of Sodium hyaluronate retains natural moisture in hair and promotes hair resilience. In addition, vegetable proteins and amino acids strengthen hair and revitalize damaged and dried hairs.   

Brand Mondo hair dye has multiple scents infused with its other ingredients, including Japanese cherry blossom, white butterfly jasmine, and sandalwood. All together gives a minty fragrance.  

Other Features Of The Hair Dye Product  

Brad Mondo hair dye consists of all the nourishing proteinaceous ingredients that promote hair growth and health. Additionally, the colors are vegan-free and cruelty-free. The product also lacks gluten. Many hairdressers have tested the Brad Monto hair dye before its launch in the marketplace.   

The colors are free from harmful chemical substances like paraben and sulfate. It also lacks ammonia and dangerous peroxide.  

The shade it gives varies with varying original hair color. For example, suppose your real hair is light-pigmented, the acquired shade will be brighter then. Also, note that these are temporary colors and will fade away with time. You can also use it to color wigs and hair extensions along with your real hair.  

Brad Mondo hair dye is an easy-to-apply hair product. Don’t worry while applying color, unlike other hair color products, as it is safe for both applicator’s skin and hair. Also, if you are smell sensitive, the infused scent in the hair dye makes it smell fresh.   

Loopholes In Brad Mondo Hair Dye  

The hair dye is temporary and fades away at some time. Also, it is hard to get the color accumulated if the hair pigments are really dark, like black. Though the manufacturers claim it to be cruelty and vegan-free but there’s no legitimate certification proof for that. The color range is bound to only three shades, whereas other competitive brands sell tens of shades.  

Final Words  

Brad Mondo hair dye is another hair coloring product like many others being launched daily in the market. The ingredient list is quite impressive as it claims to be full of healthy and hydrolyzed proteins. Animal lovers can use it as it claims to be vegan and cruelty-free, but it lacks legal certificates to prove this claim. Many users like the product and revealed to achieve good end results after applying dye to their hair. Whereas many others stated that the product doesn’t work for dark hair pigments at all.  

If you like vibrant colors in your hair, order and give it a try by yourself.   

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