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Bug Bulb Reviews: Legit Mosquito-Killing Abilities Or Scam?

November 18, 2023

Are pesky insects ruining your outdoor experience? The Bug Bulb claims to be the solution, attracting and zapping flying bugs using UV light and a high voltage grid. This article presents Bug Bulb reviews by exploring the effectiveness of this product, shedding light on its pros, cons, and whether it lives up to its promises.

Bug Bulb – Uncovering The Technology

The Bug Bulb, previously named as ‘Blitzy Bug’ and ‘Fuzebug,’ is an electric lantern designed to attract and eliminate flying bugs, especially mosquitoes. Using eco-friendly and chemical-free methods, it emits UV light to draw insects towards it. But does it truly deliver on its mosquito-killing claims?

Real-Life Test

A practical test on a porch for six hours revealed interesting insights. While Bug Bulb successfully attracted moths and bugs, its effectiveness on mosquitoes was less impressive. Not all insects were eradicated; some flew away, posing a potential limitation for those specifically targeting mosquito control.


  • Noiseless operation when switched on.
  • Odorless and safe, suitable for various insects and bugs.


  • Falls short in effectively eliminating mosquitoes.
  • Battery life could be improved for extended use.

Debunking The Mosquito Mystery

Bug Bulb’s efficacy in mosquito control has sparked debates among researchers. Studies suggest that mosquitoes are not significantly attracted to ultraviolet light, the primary mechanism of bug zappers. In fact, bug zappers might be more effective against other flying insects. It’s essential to understand these dynamics before investing in Bug Bulb for mosquito-related concerns.

Scientific Insights

Contrary to positive online reviews, a University of Delaware study raised doubts about bug zappers’ effectiveness. Over a 10-week period, bug zappers killed 13,789 insects, but only 31 were biting flies, including mosquitoes. This raises questions about their overall effectiveness in mosquito reduction.


While Bug Bulb proves effective against general bugs and insects, its performance against mosquitoes is questionable. For those battling a few mosquitoes, giving Bug Bulb a try might still be worthwhile. However, understanding its limitations and considering alternative mosquito control methods, such as traps using carbon dioxide, is crucial for a well-informed decision.


Is Bug Bulb effective in eliminating mosquitoes?

Bug Bulb’s effectiveness in eliminating mosquitoes is debated. While it attracts moths and bugs, its impact on mosquitoes may be limited, as demonstrated in real-life tests.

  1. What are the pros of using Bug Bulb for insect control?

Bug Bulb operates noiselessly, making it inconspicuous when switched on. It is also odorless and safe for use against various insects and bugs.

  1. Are there any drawbacks to using Bug Bulb?

Bug Bulb falls short in effectively eliminating mosquitoes, and its battery life could be improved for extended use, according to user experiences.

  1. What scientific insights contribute to the understanding of Bug Bulb’s efficacy?

Scientific studies, including one from the University of Delaware, suggest that bug zappers like Bug Bulb, which rely on ultraviolet light, may not be highly effective against mosquitoes. It’s crucial to consider these insights when evaluating Bug Bulb for mosquito control.

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