Shopping Reviews: Is Caran Shop Legit Or Scam Website?

August 10, 2023

In the sprawling landscape of online shopping, has emerged as a magnet for deal-seekers with its tempting discounts. But before succumbing to the allure of seemingly affordable offerings, a discerning eye is essential to navigate the reviews and unveil the reality behind’s facade. This comprehensive review delves into Caran’s offerings, red flags, and legitimacy, guiding readers through the potential pitfalls of this online shopping destination.

Exploring’s Tempting Offerings

Website URL & Registration Date

Entering the realm of online retail on December 19th, 2022, Caran shop boasts an impressive array of products, spanning from stylish men’s coats to charming children’s clothing. The charm lies in its remarkably low prices, promising customers a shopping spree without breaking the bank.

Product Categories & Payment Methods prides itself on its diverse product categories, seemingly tailored to captivate a wide range of customers. The convenience factor is high with payments accepted via Credit or Debit Card.

Warning Signs & Areas Of Concern

Dubious Affiliation With Supic Co. Ltd.

Operating under the shadow of Supic Co. Ltd., a company with a clouded online reputation,’s legitimacy falls under a shadow of doubt. This association gains further suspicion due to links with other questionable online stores like Raretou. Misalignments between stated location & actual shipping practices only add to the enigma, casting doubt on product authenticity and quality.

Absence Of Responsive Customer Support

A glaring chink in’s armor is its lackluster customer support. The available email address,, seems to be a dead-end, and the conspicuous absence of a customer service phone number leaves shoppers without recourse for inquiries or concerns. This glaring absence hints at a lack of commitment to addressing customer issues.

Deceptive Discounts

Caran shop lures shoppers with irresistible discounts that are too good to be true. While initial price drops might reel customers in, the frequency and extent of these discounts raise eyebrows. Authentic retailers find it hard to sustain such aggressive pricing strategies, hinting at potential dubious claims.

Security Vulnerabilities

The insufficient security protocols on’s website expose it to potential hacking endeavors. The absence of well-known security certifications, like McAfee or Norton, exacerbates worries regarding the protection of personal and financial details divulged during transactions.

Identifying A Potential Scam Website

To safeguard yourself from prospective scams, follow these steps when assessing an online store’s legitimacy:

Age Verification: Utilize to gauge the website’s credibility by assessing its age.

Social Media Validation: Click on social media icons present on the website to verify the legitimacy of the store’s social media presence.

Location Cross-Check: Validate authenticity by cross-referencing the store’s actual whereabouts and return address on apps like Google Maps.

Customer Reviews: Seek out authentic customer feedback and reviews to assess the store’s reputation and reliability.

Is Legit Or Fraud?

After assessing and its drawbacks, it becomes clear that the online store lacks reliability and authenticity. Despite its tempting discounts, the overall shopping experience might be unsatisfactory and potentially hazardous.

Final Word: Stay Vigilant & Shop Wisely offers tempting discounts, but its lack of genuineness and protective measures pose potential risks to customers’ financial information and overall shopping experience. To ensure a safe and fulfilling online shopping experience, we highly recommend against shopping from and encourage caution in all online transactions. 

In case you suspect any fraudulent activity, immediately contact your bank and request a new credit or debit card. Give importance to your safety and contentment by conducting thorough research on online stores before making any purchases. Stay vigilant and shop wisely for a worry-free online shopping journey.


  1. Is the website legit? casts doubts about its legitimacy due to multiple red flags like a questionable company association, lack of customer support, unrealistic discounts, and security vulnerabilities. Exercise caution and avoid purchases.

  1. Are the discounts on reliable?

Be cautious; the frequent and significantly large discounts may indicate potential scams or low-quality products.

  1. How can I ensure a safe online shopping experience?

Conduct thorough research, check reviews, verify the website’s credibility, location, and social media presence, and look for security certifications. If suspicious, contact your bank immediately.

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