Shopping Reviews: Is Legit Or Scam?

January 1, 2024

With the surge in online shopping, finding a reliable destination is crucial. Charlote Store has entered the scene, offering a range of products. However, these reviews aim to delve into the intricacies of Charlote Store, shedding light on its legitimacy and raising awareness about possible red flags. Navigating the online shopping landscape requires informed decisions, and reviews play a crucial role in ensuring a secure experience.

What Is Charlote.Store?

Charlote Store positions itself as an online shopping destination offering a variety of products, including Antique Style Exotic Birds Accent Lamp, Vivid Bird Crane Leadlight Art Deco Stained Glass Accent Lamp, Large 18″ Amazing Rose Flower Leaf with Lighted Base, and more. However, several red flags raise concerns about its legitimacy.

Website Highlights:

Attribute Details
Domain name Charlote.Store
Website name Charlote
Contact Phone Number 442392160686
Parent Company Ansky Company Limited
Company Address 103 Albert Embankment, London SE1 7TL, United Kingdom
Company Number 11736740
Product Categories Hot Sale, Table Lamp, Floor Lamp, Animal Lamp, Ceiling Lamp, Glass Panels

Contact Information: Charlote’s association with Ansky Company Limited, known for problematic websites, and the use of the email domain ( linked to other scam sites cast doubt on its credibility.

Discount and Sales Offers: Unrealistic heavy discounts on products are often a sign of fraudulent websites, prompting skepticism about Charlote’s legitimacy.

Copied Content: Similarities in theme and content with known scam websites contribute to doubts regarding Charlote’s credibility.

Social Media Presence: The absence of functional social media icons raises authenticity concerns, as legitimate stores usually engage with customers through social platforms.

Customer Complaints and Delivery: Reports of unfavorable feedback related to delivery times, customer support, and post-purchase services from similar online stores raise concerns about Charlote’s performance.

Our Final Verdict: Reviews

Considering the red flags mentioned above, Charlote Store appears to be a potential scam. Customers are strongly urged to exercise caution and abstain from making any purchases on this platform. Share this information to raise awareness and protect others from falling victim to potential scams.

In the evolving landscape of online shopping, staying informed is crucial. Charlote Store’s legitimacy comes under scrutiny, emphasizing the need for vigilance. If you have any experiences with Charlote Store, share your insights to contribute to a safer online shopping environment. Always prioritize research and awareness to safeguard against potential scams.

(Note: This review is based on information available at the time of writing and may change as the website details are updated.)


Is Charlote.Store a legitimate online shopping platform?

Charlote.Store raises concerns about its legitimacy due to various red flags, including questionable contact information, heavy discounts, and similarities with known scam websites. Consumers are advised to exercise caution.

What are the key red flags to look out for on Charlote.Store?

Potential red flags on Charlote.Store include its association with Ansky Company Limited, unrealistic discounts, copied content from scam websites, the absence of a functional social media presence, and reports of customer complaints related to delivery and support.

How does Charlote.Store handle customer complaints and product delivery?

Customer complaints related to delivery times, customer support, and post-purchase services have been reported for similar online stores.’s response to such issues includes denial of scam allegations and providing options like return shipments (with associated costs), vouchers for future purchases, or minimal refunds.

What steps can individuals take to safeguard themselves against internet shopping fraud?

To protect themselves, consumers should conduct thorough research before making a purchase. They should verify the authenticity of the website, check for owner information, be cautious of deals that seem too good to be true, and consider both positive and negative reviews from other customers.

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