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Concealed Coalition Reviews: Is Concealed Coalition Legit Or A Scam?

March 6, 2024

Is Concealed Coalition legit? Are Concealed Coalition reviews reliable? This article delves into the nation-leading firearm safety training company, Concealed Coalition. With a mission to provide comprehensive concealed carry firearms training to law-abiding citizens, it breaks the norm, ensuring individuals feel secure and confident in responsibly owning firearms. Let’s explore the concealed carry permit process, training methods, and the pros and cons of this company.

Concealed Coalition: Overview

Concealed Coalition, the leader in concealed carry firearms training, aims to educate citizens nationwide on firearm safety. Offering state-approved curriculum in all 50 states, it provides a well-rounded education covering safety, laws, shooting fundamentals, storage, cleaning, and child access prevention. The organization addresses the fundamental need for citizens to feel safe and confident in firearm ownership.

Importance Of Obtaining A Concealed Carry Permit

A Concealed Carry Permit (CCW) serves as a state-issued license permitting individuals to carry a concealed firearm. Despite the Second Amendment guaranteeing law-abiding citizens the right to bear arms, the privilege of carrying a concealed firearm typically necessitates a permit, a condition prevalent in most states.

The training requirements for securing a concealed carry permit diverge among states. Whether your state demands online sessions, thorough in-person training, a blend of both, or imposes no training at all, Concealed Coalition’s courses are thoughtfully designed to meet these varied prerequisites:

  • Deliver a comprehensive baseline education on firearm safety and proper usage
  • Educate students on the specific firearms laws within their state
  • Satisfy each state’s concealed carry permit training criteria, furnishing an official certificate of completion
  • Guide students through essential shooting fundamentals, firearm storage, and maintenance
  • Instruct students on child access prevention measures

Concealed Coalition Features

Constitutional Carry & Reciprocity

Even in Constitutional Carry states, many opt for Concealed Coalition courses due to reciprocity benefits when traveling. Reciprocity agreements allow legal carrying in states honoring each other’s concealed carry permits, ensuring responsible gun owners maintain compliance.

The “Train To Retain” Learning Method

Concealed Coalition introduces a unique “train to retain” teaching approach. This method covers threat avoidance, situational awareness, response to danger, and child access prevention, enhancing retention compared to traditional programs. The goal is to equip students with a strong foundation for real-life scenarios.

Operation Method & Cost

The entire process with Concealed Coalition is user-friendly, with the dedicated team guiding you at each stage:

  • Accessing the Website: Visit the Concealed Coalition website and enter your ZIP code. This helps you find a class in your locality or directs you to an online training portal if your state follows an online curriculum.
  • Screening Questions: Answer screening questions to assess your eligibility for a concealed carry permit. It’s essential to note that individuals with a felony on their record are ineligible to apply for a concealed carry permit.
  • Registration: Register for a class, choosing between online, in-person, or a combination of both based on your state’s requirements.
  • Training Attendance: Attend your chosen training, completing the sessions to receive your Concealed Coalition Concealed Carry Certification. Note: Some states may mandate live fire training.

Cost Of Training

While Concealed Coalition training is affordable, the article alerts readers to potential additional costs in the concealed carry permit process, including background checks, fingerprinting, notarized documents, passport photos, and application fees.

Concealed Coalition Reviews: Evaluating The Pros & Cons

Positive Aspects

  • Comprehensive Training: Concealed Coalition serves as an excellent training resource, offering valuable guidance during, before, and after classes.
  • In-Depth Resources: The platform provides extensive resources covering crucial topics such as handgun basics, situational awareness, state laws, and child access prevention, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience.
  • Efficiency and Affordability: The process is quick, easy to follow, and budget-friendly, making firearm education accessible to many individuals.
  • Adaptability to State Requirements: Concealed Coalition accommodates diverse state requirements by offering flexible formats, ensuring the training aligns with specific state regulations.
  • Supplemental Materials: Access to supplemental training materials enriches the learning experience, providing additional insights and resources to enhance firearm knowledge.
  • Customer Satisfaction: With a satisfaction guarantee and exemplary customer service, Concealed Coalition prioritizes user experience, offering support and assurance throughout training.

Negative Aspects

  • Geographical Limitations: In-person classes may pose challenges for individuals residing in areas where travel is required, potentially limiting accessibility.
  • Internet Reliability: Lack of reliable internet access could pose difficulties for those relying on online training, impacting the overall learning experience.
  • Certification and Permit Confusion: There’s a potential for confusion regarding the distinction between the Concealed Coalition certification and an actual permit, particularly for individuals unfamiliar with the process. Clear communication may be needed to mitigate this confusion.

Final Verdict: Is Concealed Coalition Legit?

In conclusion, Concealed Coalition stands out with its revolutionary “train to retain” method, providing an excellent firearms training course and concealed carry certification. While acknowledging potential challenges, the trainers and customer support team contribute to a positive learning experience. Whether a novice or an expert, it helps replace fear with knowledge and confidence, making it a top-notch choice in firearm safety training.


Is Concealed Coalition’s certification equivalent to a concealed carry permit?

No, the Concealed Coalition certification fulfills the training requirement for a concealed carry permit application but is not a permit itself.

What if I live in a Constitutional Carry state?

Even in Constitutional Carry states, individuals may choose Concealed Coalition for out-of-state travel and a comprehensive training experience.

Are online training options available for all states?

Yes, Concealed Coalition provides online training options for states with online curriculum requirements.

What sets Concealed Coalition’s training method apart?

Concealed Coalition’s “train to retain” method focuses on situational awareness, threat avoidance, and emotional learning for better retention.

What is the Concealed Coalition certification cost?

According to Concealed Coalition reviews, the cost ranges from $129-198 USD, varying based on the type of training required by the state.

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