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Electrizap.com Reviews: Does It Really Work?

October 12, 2023

In the ongoing battle against bothersome mosquitoes, the Electrizap Mosquito Killer has emerged as a potential ally. This review delves into its performance, advantages, and drawbacks, helping you make an informed decision.

About Electrizap

Electrizap, also known as ElectriZap, presents itself as an innovative electric mosquito killer utilizing UV light and a high-voltage grid to attract and neutralize mosquitoes. An eco-friendly alternative to chemical-based solutions, this device offers an alluring prospect for mosquito control.

Testing Electrizap Mosquito Killer

To assess Electrizap’s performance, I conducted a thorough 10-hour test on my porch—a location notorious for mosquito and bug infestations. After this extended trial, here are my observations:

Insect Attraction

Electrizap effectively attracted moths and various bugs, but it appeared less successful in luring mosquitoes. Notably, not all insects gravitating towards the UV/LED were captured; some managed to escape. Even when I unscrewed the bottom of the Electrizap, a significant portion of the insects remained alive and fluttered away.


Despite its branding as an Electrizap Mosquito Killer, this device is not limited to mosquitoes alone. It functions as a bug zapper, making it suitable for tackling a broader spectrum of insects. It’s vital to understand that various flying insects are drawn to light, so if you face issues with bugs or moths, Electrizap can still be a valuable addition to your pest control arsenal.

Pros & Cons Of Electrizap Mosquito Zapper


Silent Operation: When switched on, Electrizap operates noiselessly, ensuring you won’t be disturbed by any buzzing or humming sounds.

Odorless and Safe: Unlike many other pest control methods, Electrizap is odorless and doesn’t present any safety risks.


Limited Mosquito Eradication: It didn’t eliminate as many mosquitoes as expected, leaving room for improvement in this crucial aspect.

Short Battery Life: The device’s battery life is relatively brief, lasting only six hours, which might require frequent recharging for extended use.

Before You Purchase: Debunking The Efficacy Debate

The effectiveness of Electrizap and similar bug zappers has spurred debate. Research highlights that mosquitoes are not primarily drawn to UV light. Their navigation relies more on carbon dioxide and water vapor. Bug zappers, although successful in capturing flying insects, lack efficiency in curbing mosquito populations.

A Comprehensive Overview Of Electrizap

Incorporating perspectives from scientific studies and real-world trials, Electrizap emerges as an effective tool against general insect nuisances. Its capacity to eliminate mosquitoes might be modest, but its broader utility as a bug zapper remains noteworthy.

Conclusion: Decoding Electrizap’s Impact

Electrizap boasts as an efficient insect control device with a broader scope than its name implies. Although it may not excel in dealing with mosquitoes, its ability to tackle an array of flying pests is undeniable. For those battling minor mosquito issues, Electrizap’s prowess as an insect zapper renders it a valuable consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Electrizap Mosquito Zapper work only on mosquitoes?

No, it functions as a versatile bug zapper, targeting various flying insects, including mosquitoes, moths, and bugs.

What are the standout features of Electrizap?

It is distinguished by its noiseless operation and odorless, safe design, setting it apart from conventional pest control methods.

Is Electrizap’s efficacy against mosquitoes debated?

Yes, researchers debate the device’s mosquito-killing efficacy. Studies suggest that while bug zappers attract mosquitoes, they might not be as effective at reducing mosquito populations as other methods.

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