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Fit Coach Reviews (2024) Is Fitcoach App Legit Or Scam?

January 17, 2024

Considering Fitcoach for your fitness journey? Hold on! These comprehensive Fit Coach reviews reveal essential details about its membership, exercise programs, and the challenging process of canceling a subscription. Explore user complaints, hidden charges, and determine whether Fitcoach is the right fitness app for you.

What Is Fitcoach About?

Fitcoach is a fitness app designed to help users stay in shape with personalized workout and meal plans. Promising benefits like building a toned body and emotional balance, the app appears intriguing. However, inconsistencies and user complaints cast doubts on its reliability.

Is Fitcoach Legit Or Scam?

While not explicitly labeled a scam, Fitcoach faces criticism for questionable practices. Users report unauthorized charges, hidden fees, and difficulties in obtaining refunds. Customer testimonials highlight dissatisfaction with the app’s billing practices, raising concerns about its legitimacy.

User Complaints: A Glimpse Into Fitcoach’s Shady Practices

Customer reviews reveal instances of Fitcoach continuing to charge users after opting for a one-month trial. Hidden charges and a lack of refund policy have led to dissatisfaction among subscribers. Testimonials emphasize the app’s money-focused approach rather than user satisfaction.

How To Cancel Fitcoach Subscription: Navigating The Challenges:

Canceling a Fitcoach subscription proves challenging, with users facing obstacles on both Apple and Android devices. The process involves intricate steps, and users express frustration with the complexity of cancelation. Detailed instructions for both Apple and Android users are provided for assistance.

For Apple Phones:

  • Open Settings and tap on your name.
  • Navigate to the “Subscriptions” tab.
  • Tap on your Apple ID, sign in, and scroll to “Subscriptions.”
  • Locate Fitness Coach & Diet: Fitcoach and tap “Cancel.”

For Android Phones:

  • Open Google Play Store and select the right Google account.
  • Click on the menu and go to “Subscriptions.”
  • Choose Fitness Coach & Diet: Fitcoach and tap “Cancel Subscription.”

Final Verdict: Fit Coach Reviews

Fitcoach, while a popular fitness app, faces a mixed reputation due to user complaints about hidden charges and refund difficulties. Users are advised to be cautious before committing to a subscription. Thoroughly review customer testimonials and consider alternatives to ensure a positive and transparent fitness app experience.

Note: Stay informed and prioritize transparency in your fitness app choices.


Is Fitcoach a reliable fitness app for personalized workout and meal plans?

Fitcoach has received mixed reviews, with some users expressing satisfaction and others highlighting concerns about unauthorized charges and hidden fees. It is recommended to thoroughly research and weigh user feedback before considering a subscription.

What challenges do users face when canceling a Fitcoach subscription?

Canceling a Fitcoach subscription can be challenging, particularly on both Apple and Android devices. Users report complexities in the process, and detailed instructions are provided for assistance in navigating these challenges.

Are there hidden charges associated with Fitcoach, according to user complaints?

Yes, user complaints highlight instances of Fitcoach continuing to charge users even after opting for a one-month trial. The presence of hidden charges and difficulties in obtaining refunds have contributed to dissatisfaction among subscribers.

Is Fitcoach explicitly labeled as a scam, and what concerns are raised about its legitimacy?

Fitcoach is not explicitly labeled as a scam, but concerns are raised about its legitimacy due to user complaints regarding unauthorized charges, hidden fees, and challenges in obtaining refunds. The app’s money-focused approach is emphasized in customer testimonials, prompting caution among potential subscribers.

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