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Flycurvy Reviews: Is Flycurvy Clothing Legit Or A Scam?

November 10, 2023

Are you considering shopping at Before diving into the world of shopping, it’s crucial to go through the insights of the online platform. This Flycurvy reviews article takes you through a detailed overview of a consumer’s encounter, the longevity of Flycurvy clothing, and an in-depth examination of the company’s services.

Explore Flycurvy presents a diverse collection of women’s clothing, including bras, dresses, tank tops, skirts and more. The current highlight is a clearance summer sale offering substantial discounts of up to $50 on various clothing items.

Flycurvy Reviews: Know The Insights

Examining A Shopper’s Experience With

An individual placed an order for both a shirt and a dress. The delivery time was extended over several weeks due to the items being dispatched from China. Notably, the dress was not fit due to irregular sizing. It gave a satisfactory fit at the top but posed difficulties at the back, particularly with the zipper. The anticipated V-neck feature of the shirt was replaced with a round neck upon arrival. Upon contacting customer support and sharing visual evidence of the issues encountered, the initial resolution presented was a 30% refund or a gift card valued at $18.92 for future transactions. Subsequent negotiations led to an agreed-upon 70% discount.

Clothing Longevity

An examination of the longevity of Flycurvy clothing reveals unexpected drawbacks. Within a few months, both the dress and the shirt showed signs of rapid deterioration, with uneven seams that unraveled beyond repair. Concerns arose as the color faded during washing, which raised questions about the materials used in the manufacturing process.

An In-Depth Examination Of Flycurvy’s Offerings

Where Flycurvy Operates

Contrary to common assumptions, Flycurvy is located in Guangzhou, China. There might be misconceptions about its location in the United States or the United Kingdom.

Return Procedure

Flycurvy’s approach to returns places the onus on customers, lacking the convenience of provided return labels and requiring them to bear the costs of return shipping.

Customer Assistance

While not notably deficient, the responsiveness of its customer support service often goes beyond the 24-hour mark.

Shipping Details from

For standard shipping from, anticipate a duration of approximately 10-20 days with a fee of $9.99. However, there is an option of free shipping for orders surpassing $99.

Final Words

In conclusion, while offers affordable women’s clothing, it’s essential to approach it cautiously. Flycurvy reviews from customers point to issues with sizing, delayed deliveries, and concerns about product quality. The return policy places the responsibility on customers, lacking the convenience of provided return labels and requiring them to bear return shipping costs. Additionally, the unexpected drawbacks in the longevity of Flycurvy clothing, such as unraveling and color fading within a few months, raise concerns about the materials used. With a modest rating of 5 out of 10, similar to Shein, potential shoppers should weigh the pros and cons carefully before considering Flycurvy for their fashion needs.


Is Flycurvy a trustworthy clothing store?

Caution is advised when considering it as a legitimate platform, as reviews highlight concerns about sizing, delayed deliveries, and product quality.

How promptly does Flycurvy’s customer service respond?

Expect potential delays in communication, as Flycurvy’s customer service responses may exceed 24 hours.

How do I ensure my online shopping safety?

To secure your online shopping experience, verify the age of the website domain, investigate the physical location of the store, read customer reviews, ensure the presence of the brand on social media, and exercise caution when faced with unrealistically high discounts.

Are there any other red flags to watch out for when shopping online?

Look out for unclear or vague product descriptions, be wary of websites with limited contact information, and double-check the website’s security by ensuring it has “https://” in the address.

What are the terms of Flycurvy’s return policy?

Customers are responsible for return shipping costs, and the company does not provide return labels.

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