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Gekko Miami Reviews: Is It Worth The Visit?

December 22, 2023

Curious about high Gekko Miami menu prices, reputation, and real customer experiences? Delving into this Gekko Miami reviews article, we aim to reveal the essence of this Japanese-inspired steakhouse, avoiding any bias in presenting Gekko Miami menu prices and user experiences. Let’s dive into an unbiased exploration of Gekko Miami.

Overview Of The Gekko Miami Restaurant

Gekko Miami, a Japanese-inspired steakhouse and lounge by David Grutman and Bad Bunny, stands out in Brickell with its upscale casual atmosphere and high-end Gekko Miami menu prices. Despite the allure of being seen at this fancy spot, questions linger about whether the experience justifies the cost.

Gekko Miami Reviews: User Experience

A customer visited Gekko Miami on a Wednesday night and observed both positive and negative aspects. The service encountered some challenges, including difficulties in placing orders and timing issues. Despite the remarkable ambiance, the customer found the $150 steaks to be less satisfying, and the sushi arrived unexpectedly cold. Notably, user raised eyebrows at the bill, which included an automatic 20% gratuity, following a somewhat mediocre overall dining experience.

Pros Of The Gekko Miami Experience

Ambiance: Gekko impresses with a sophisticated and upscale ambiance, creating an environment where patrons can relish the visual and sensory aspects of their dining adventure.

Seating Efficiency: A notable advantage is the prompt seating experience, even on a typically busy Wednesday night. Despite the common challenge of reservations during peak times, users can appreciate the efficiency in managing seating arrangements, enhancing accessibility for patrons.

Door Attendant and Waitress: The commendable service provided by specific staff members, including the door attendant and waitress, stands out. Their contributions positively influence the overall dining experience, creating a welcoming and customer-focused atmosphere.

Menu Variety: Its menu presents a diverse array of Japanese-inspired dishes, offering patrons a rich selection of culinary options. The expansive menu caters to varying preferences, ensuring that diners can explore and enjoy a variety of flavors during their visit.

Cons Of The Gekko Miami Experience

Service Challenges: Users may encounter challenges related to service, such as difficulties in placing orders and timing hiccups. These issues contribute to a less-than-optimal dining experience, affecting the overall satisfaction of patrons.

Underwhelming Steaks: Despite the high price tag attached to the menu, the $150 steaks at Gekko Miami are perceived as underwhelming, failing to meet the expectations set by their cost. This aspect may disappoint diners seeking a premium steakhouse experience.

Cold Sushi: A negative aspect highlighted by users is the unexpected arrival of cold sushi. This deviation from the expected quality detracts from the overall satisfaction of the meal, impacting the enjoyment of this particular dish.

Automatic Gratuity: The inclusion of an automatic 20% gratuity in the bill raises eyebrows, particularly considering the perceived mediocrity of the overall dining experience. This automatic addition adds an unexpected financial element that may not align with the perceived value of the service.

Final Words 

In weighing the pros and cons of the Gekko Miami experience, it becomes evident that while the restaurant boasts an appealing ambiance and efficient seating, it falls short in aspects of service and culinary satisfaction. The automatic gratuity adds another layer of consideration. Potential patrons are advised to evaluate their priorities carefully—whether seeking a chic atmosphere or prioritizing a flawless dining experience—before deciding to try Gekko Miami. Ultimately, the decision rests with the reader’s preferences and expectations.


Are high Gekko Miami menu prices worth it?

The worth of Gekko Miami depends on individual preferences. Some find it worth the cost, while others question the value.

Are the dress codes at Gekko Miami strict?

It has an upscale casual dress code, which may be perceived as strict by some patrons.

How are the customer reviews on Trip Advisor and Yelp for Gekko Miami?

The reviews are mixed, with some praising the experience and others citing issues like overpriced items and indifferent staff.

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