Finance Reviews (2023) Is Legit Or A Scam?

May 15, 2023

Scammers always find a way, no matter how advanced the cyber security system and how vigilant individuals get. The latest addition to the scam diaries is the If you are a taxpayer and have managed to receive significant tax returns, unfortunately, you are the prime focus of this scam. 

Recently, a lot of US taxpayers have registered complaints against, stating that they were bombarded with refund notifications from unknown IDs and senders. A variety of methods are implemented by scammers to deceive taxpayers and get their hands on taxpayers’ personal information and money. 

Let’s dive deep into the topic and adequately understand how the scam can be a major threat to your funds. 

About appears to be an internet business that specializes in assisting clients in obtaining refunds from shady websites and other collection agencies for scams. The business manages paperwork of the taxpayers and assists in collecting any unpaid taxes. The company states that it would assist clients in receiving their deserved tax refunds. They claim to help clients with the tax process, including tax return preparation and tax refund administration.

The corporation has made inflated assertions. The business has been promoting the fact that it will assist consumers in claiming and protecting their assets since 2003. But upon additional investigation, we learned that the site had really been officially registered on October 6, 2021.

Is A Scam?

The scam is imminent because of a recent revelation that taxpayers can request a refund while they are waiting for confirmation, which is also being extensively publicized. The scammers persuade the victim to transfer the difference while making it seem like an error. The victim thinks he has received free money once the money is returned, but when he refreshes the browser, he sees that the funds were taken from savings accounts as part of the scam.


  • Registrar: LLC,
  • Registration of a website: The website was officially registered on October 6, 2021. It’s less than 2 years since the website was actually registered.
  • Trust Index: As per a well-known website, the score of trust for this website is just 40% which means the website is not reputable, and you should be cautious using it.
  • User information: A user needs to provide all the necessary personal information, such as  contact number, email address, and the owner’s details, which not all users might be comfortable with. 
  • Data Security: The HTTPS protocol has been identified and seems secure for data sharing. Positive Signs

  • Genuine SSL Certificate, HTTPS is available for a consumers’ safety.
  • It offers all the valid and accessible policies to all its consumers. Negative Signs

Following are some of the negative signs of the

  • They advertise their members, but they never advertise them on their website, which shows they are not a real business and simply want your money without providing any services.
  • You will just be asked to sign up for and promote various affiliate programs; they won’t pay you for any job that you do. Beware of these programs since they are all scams.
  • People’s experiences with this website are uneven; some claim to have received a refund, while others claim not to have been paid.
  • Their Trust Score is 40, which raises concerns about its reliability
  • Since there isn’t even a single instance of a user being paid by the website, it’s incredibly hard to trust them.
  • On a number of websites, the portal has received fewer than favorable reviews. 

Condensing all the above facts, it is very difficult to believe that is a legitimate website. 

Wrapping It Up! describes itself as a company that aids in the process of money recovery. They assert that they will simplify the refund process. However, many reviews describe it as phony and untrue. The website has an odd appearance and maybe a scam website. Be cautious while utilizing any of the provided services since they are known to deceive individuals. Ensure proper analysis and research before investing your time and money in  


How does work? 

The business manages taxpayers’ paperwork and assists in collecting any unpaid taxes. The company said it would assist clients in receiving their deserved tax refunds. 

What types of refunds can I claim with can help you claim refunds for a variety of financial products and services, including PPI, flight delays or cancellations, mortgage overpayments, and more.

How long does it take to get a refund through

The time it takes to get a refund can vary depending on the specific charge and the refund process involved.

Is scam?

If we were to believe the trust score, which is just 35%, this website could be categorized as a scam.

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