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Homeaglow Reviews: Is Homeaglow Cleaning Services Legit Or Scam?

January 17, 2024

Considering the tempting $19 home cleaning offer from Homeaglow? Wondering “Is Homeaglow legit or a potential scam?” Let’s find out answers to such questions in this comprehensive article, we will delve into Homeaglow reviews, exploring its features, positives, and potential drawbacks to decide if it’s the right choice for your cleaning needs. Uncover the truth behind the tempting offer and ensure informed decisions before opting for Homeaglow’s services.

Overview Of Homeaglow

Founded in 2015, Homeaglow positions itself as a user-friendly house cleaning service. Functioning as an intermediary, it seamlessly links homeowners with independent contractors, streamlining the process of securing professional cleaning services. The platform facilitates a hassle-free experience for users, serving as a bridge between those seeking domestic cleaning and skilled contractors. With a commitment to simplicity and efficiency, Homeaglow strives to meet the cleaning needs of homeowners while providing opportunities for independent cleaners to showcase their expertise.

Homeaglow Reviews: User Experience 

Intrigued by Homeaglow’s TV ads advertising a $19 cleaning service, the user decided to try it out. However, their experience uncovered some concerning aspects, such as subpar cleaning, unanticipated charges, and a dubious cancellation policy. The user found themselves navigating through unexpected challenges, highlighting potential pitfalls in the service offered by Homeaglow.

Is Homeaglow Legit? 

Certainly, the legitimacy of Homeaglow is a topic of concern. While not outright deceptive, Homeaglow’s practices, such as the $19 offer evolving into a 6-month commitment, raise doubts. Users may find themselves surprised by hidden fees and an unresponsive customer support system. These factors, coupled with mixed reviews, suggest caution is warranted. The platform may function, but the user experience may not always align with the straightforwardness one would expect from a legitimate service.


Convenient Booking Process: Homeaglow streamlines the booking experience for users, ensuring a hassle-free scheduling process.

Reasonable Rates: The platform offers competitive and reasonable rates for its cleaning services, catering to a budget-conscious clientele.

Flexible Cleaning Options: Homeaglow provides users with a variety of flexible cleaning options, allowing customization based on individual preferences and needs.

Transparent Communication: The platform facilitates clear communication between users and cleaners, enhancing the overall experience.

Verified Cleaners: Users can benefit from the assurance of Homeaglow’s verification process, ensuring the reliability of the cleaning professionals they hire.


Hidden Membership Charges: Users may encounter unexpected membership charges, contributing to financial surprises beyond the initially advertised prices.

Customer Support Issues: Homeaglow’s customer support may exhibit responsiveness challenges, leaving users with unresolved issues.

Deductions for New Clients: The platform implements deductions for new client acquisitions, impacting the earnings of cleaners.

Extra Fees for Cancellation: Cancelling Homeaglow services may incur substantial fees, presenting an additional financial burden for users.

Cleaner Attitude Problems: Users may face challenges with cleaners displaying attitude problems, introducing a variable factor in service quality and customer experience.


In wrapping up, considering Homeaglow for your cleaning needs warrants careful consideration. While it offers a convenient booking process, reasonable rates, and flexible options, potential drawbacks such as hidden fees, customer support issues, and deductions for new clients exist. The decision to choose Homeaglow’s services or explore alternatives is yours. Take a moment to weigh the pros and cons, ensuring your expectations align with the service provided. Transparency is crucial, and your informed decision is key to a positive cleaning experience.


Did Homeaglow live up to its $19 cleaning offer?

Homeaglow’s $19 offer often leads to a more extensive commitment, revealing hidden charges and potential drawbacks.

Are Homeaglow cleaners reliable?

Experiences with Homeaglow cleaners vary, with reports of both excellent service and instances of attitude problems.

How does Homeaglow’s pricing work?

Homeaglow’s pricing is based on the cleaner’s hourly rate, hours booked, and a 5% booking fee, with additional membership charges.

Can I cancel Homeaglow membership without extra fees?

Cancelling Homeaglow membership may incur significant fees, often ranging from $100 to $250.

What steps should I take before signing up for Homeaglow?

Before signing up, carefully review Homeaglow’s terms, be aware of the 6-month commitment, and consider potential hidden charges beyond the hourly rate.

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