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Klynu.com Reviews: Is Klynu A Scam Or Legit Website?

July 13, 2023

Klynu.com is an online portal that sells fashion clothing items like tops, dresses, sweaters, and cardigans at discounted prices. In this post, we will go through different Klynu reviews and the website and provide you with an in-depth review blog to help you make an informed decision before buying anything from this website.

Klynu.com: Safety Index Score & Website Specifications

Klynu has a below-average safety index score of 49/100, which is very concerning for a website’s safety. 

Here is some additional information that we got from their website.

Domain name Klynu.com
Website name Klynu
Email service@klynu.com
Contact Phone Number +447482875871
Social Media klynu_fashion

Pros & Cons Analysis Of Klynu.Com

To assess the credibility of Klynu, we will discuss the pros and cons of Klynu, which will give some insights into the website’s safety.


SSL Security: Klynu.com has SSL security integration that ensures a safer browsing experience for the users.

Contact Information: The website provides an email address, contact number, and physical address, which helps emphasize transparency.

Social Media Presence: Klynu has a social media page on both Facebook and Instagram, which maintains an active online presence of the business.


Shell Parent Company: Klynu claims XBP International Limited as its parent company, but a quick Google search reveals that it is a shell company used by multiple scam websites.

Fake Security Claims: Klynu.com features a Mcafee trust logo on the checkout page, which is entirely fake. This poses a huge security risk, and your personal data can be compromised.

Discount Tactics: Klynu.com promotes heavily discounted products to attract unsuspecting customers.

Plagiarism: Product images used on Klynu.com are plagiarized from other sources, which raises doubts about the product’s authenticity.

Challenging Returns and Exchanges: The website’s return policy is very impractical and makes the process of returning very tedious.

Customer Feedback: Customers of Klynu have reported prolonged delivery times and subpar customer support.

Our Final Verdict

To conclude our blog, we would like to say that you should avoid making any purchases from Klynu.com as there is a high probability of it being a scam. We recommend that you exercise vigilance before interacting with such websites and only purchase products from reputable and trusted sources.


Does Klynu.com provide secure payment options?

No, the checkout page on Klynu.com displays a McAfee trust seal that appears real, but it is actually a fraudulent representation.

Are the product images on Klynu.com authentic?

No, most of the images on Klynu.com are copied from different websites.

What are the major drawbacks or complaints about Klynu.com?

Most of Klynu reviews include complaints like poor customer support, slow delivery times, and problematic return/exchange policies.

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