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Landmodo Reviews: Is Legit Platform Or Scam?

August 18, 2023

In online land purchasing, Landmodo emerges as a platform offering lands and properties across various US states. This reviews delves into the legitimacy of the platform, providing insights into its functionalities, potential benefits, and user experiences. Whether you’re a prospective buyer or seller, this article aims to unveil everything you need to know before engaging with Landmodo. Reviews: A Reliable Land-Buying Platform

Landmodo is a reputable website that connects individuals who want to buy or sell lands and properties. The platform has been in operation for eight years and provides a simple process: visitors sign up, becoming members to access an array of listed lands from different states across the United States. Additionally, it maintains an active presence on YouTube, showcasing available lands and properties for potential buyers.

Steps To Take Before Buying Lands From Landmodo

  • Check Land Type

Request the Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) from the seller, which is typically listed in the ad description. This number helps identify the property’s residential, commercial, or industrial category, aiding in informed decision-making.

  • Property Viewing

Avoid purchasing land over the phone, mail, or email. Instead, physically view the property and engage with local residents. Investigate all associated fees, including real estate taxes and community assessment fees.

  • Market Research

Consult local real estate agents to gauge the property’s market value and potential resale period. Research future plans that might impact land value, such as nearby developments or construction projects.

  • Infrastructure & Development

For undeveloped land, ascertain responsibility for building roads, utilities, and sewers. Inquire about upcoming projects like airports or dumps that could affect the land’s future value.

User Reviews & Experiences

Online reviews suggest that Landmodo is a legitimate platform for buying and listing lands. Notable advantages include owner financing and affordable land prices, with the option of down payments and installment payments for balance. However, it’s important to note that some properties are situated in flood-prone areas, a concern raised on social media platforms.


In the world of online land transactions, Landmodo stands as a trustworthy platform for those looking to buy or sell lands and properties. With a history of eight years, it offers a streamlined process, allowing members to access diverse land listings. Although there are some advantages, like the possibility of owner financing and reasonable prices, individuals interested in purchasing should be careful and take the time to do extensive research and ensure they are fully informed before making any decisions.


  1. Is Landmodo legit?

Yes, it is a reputable online platform that connects buyers and sellers interested in land transactions. With eight years of operation, it offers a secure environment for individuals to explore and engage in land-buying and selling activities.

  1. What Should I Consider Before Buying Land from this platform?

Considerations Before Buying Land from Landmodo:

  • Verify land type using provided Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN).
  • Physically visit the property for assessment.
  • Research local market values and potential appreciation.
  • Inquire about future development plans.
  1. What Are the Advantages of Using Landmodo for Land Transactions?

Advantages of Using this website for Land Transactions:

  • Owner financing options are available.
  • Affordable land prices.
  • Flexible payment terms (down payments, installments).
  • Diverse land listings from different states.
  • Conduct thorough research for informed decisions.

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