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Shopping Reviews (2023) Is Lannywitch A Scam Or Legit Online Shop?

September 18, 2023

Have you considered making a purchase from Are you wondering if can be trusted for safe online shopping? This extensive Lannywitch reviews aims to provide insights into the store’s credibility, operations, and potential pitfalls.

What Is, also known as Lannywitch or Lannywitch com, is an online retail platform that claims to offer a vast products range, including items like  tires, brass pumps, farm jacks, and load washers, all at seemingly unbeatable prices. However, a closer examination reveals that the deals on the website might not be as genuine as they appear. In recent times, the store has gained attention due to its heavily discounted product offerings. Unfortunately, these deals may not be as authentic as they seem, and our investigation has uncovered several concerning aspects that potential customers should take into account.

Key Considerations Before Shopping At

Questionable Business Address

The business address provided on the website appears to be fraudulent. Notably, this address is associated with unrelated entities such as Frankel Injury Law and Lanny M Feldman Pa, but there is no connection to the Lannywitch store. This raises concerns as it may hinder customers seeking to return purchased items.

Nonexistent Customer Support

Efforts to contact’s customer support through the email address “” have proven futile. Similarly, the provided phone number, “+1 (567) 216-7278,” does not appear to be operational, making it exceedingly difficult for customers to seek assistance.

Dubious Discounts offers products at prices that seem too good to be true, even with substantial discounts. This aggressive pricing strategy may serve as a lure for potential buyers. However, it’s important to note that such substantial discounts are often an indicator of an untrustworthy store.

Security Concerns does not have vital security features like McAfee or Norton certification, which could leave the website exposed to online risks, potentially jeopardizing customers’ personal and financial data.

Lannywitch Reviews: Features Of Lannywitch

Information Details
Website URL
Email Address
Phone Number +1 (567) 216-7278
Established On February 21, 2022
Expires On February 21, 2023
Payment Method Credit/Debit Card
Product Range Wide variety
Order Cancellation Possible pre-shipment
Returns Policy Allows returns within 14 days
Refunds Process Issued after return inspection
Shipping Policy Free shipping for orders over £40

Conclusion: Is Lannywitch A Legit Company?

Based on the evidence of customer complaints and the identified issues in our reviews, it is evident that Lannywitch is not a legit company or trustworthy online store. Like many fraudulent e-commerce platforms, it employs low pricing strategies to attract customers and lower their guard. However, the overall shopping experience often falls short of expectations.

Online shopping offers convenience, but it’s essential to exercise caution by considering factors such as domain age, return address, customer reviews, and functional social media links before making a purchase.


Is a trustworthy online store?

No, is not considered a trustworthy online store due to various issues, including a questionable business address, nonexistent customer support, and dubious discounts.

Can I cancel my order on

Yes, it is possible to cancel your order on, but this must be done before the product is shipped or produced.

How long do I have to return a product purchased from allows product returns within 14 days of receiving the item.

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