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Top 6 Live Streaming Platforms Like LiveOMG!

March 12, 2020

Days have passed when you need a TV set to watch your favorite shows as everything is on the internet now.

Tons of live streaming platforms are there across the globe that provides various types of content, including TV series, movies, sports events, news, and more. But, with dozens of video streaming platforms in the market, finding the right one for you can be intimidating.

The website is an aggregator of live stream video. It is a real-time rating of live broadcasting from across the world. There are various categories, including Rising on Liveomg, Popular on Liveomg, recent broadcasts, top gainers, and events. The broadcast is provided with the title, resource, video shot, and number of viewers.

The website is well-structured and convenient to use. You can find videos up to your requirements. The videos uploaded on are from different sites like,,,,, and others. For a newbie, the service offers the list of top gainers to try with hundreds of viewers. You can find popular shows and events here. It is one of the top referring sites in the live streaming world.

Fear not! To get a good quality live streaming service that meets your needs, we’ve come up with the top six live video streaming platforms like LiveOMG for you. Also, if you want to keep the top moments of your favorite sports events or shows to re-watch them later, you can save streaming videos.

1. YouTube Live

YouTube is a well-known video hosting website with dozens of different themed content like vlogs, movies, funny videos, football matches, reviews, and more. This platform allows you to create your own stream and watch streaming videos.

You can also enable live chat while broadcasting to build better connectivity with your viewers so that they can ask questions and share their thoughts. You can get instant feedback on this one of the best live streaming platforms. To stream with YouTube live, you need to ensure that your account did not have any constraints during the past 90 days. The best part about this video platform is that it is free of service.

2. Twitch

Twitch another most popular live streaming as well as on-demand video streaming platform that lets users stream everything of their choice. With approximately 140 million monthly users, it’s one of the biggest destinations for streaming live video games. Besides, it also provides easy access to all live streaming platforms offering amazing services. While the basic account subscription is free, for its turbo subscription you have to pay $4.99 every month.

3. Periscope

Periscope is your personal live-streaming app which you can integrate with Twitter. It’s an intuitive interface, and the collection of impressive things for viewing make it one of the best choice among viewers. Once online, you will get notifications about new joining, viewer’s comments, and your followers. You can also set replay settings for your broadcasted videos to let viewers enjoy later. You can enjoy replay for 24 hours and delete them anytime.

4. Livestream

Just like LiveOmg, Livestream is a broadcasting platform that provides many useful tools. Livestream allows you to connect with your viewers by broadcasting straight to YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitter, and other social networks. It has inbuilt real-time chat, which helps you interact with your audience. Plus, with Livestream, you can monetize your videos and have access to analytics reports to help you improve your content. It is trusted by many individual content makers and millions of brands, which makes it one of the top live-streaming apps.

5. DaCast

It’s the first live streaming platform that follows a complete SaaS approach. Used by professionals, that platform offers 24×7 connectivity. With this, you get complete control of your online, ad-free live streaming. Besides, it’s on-demand webcasting capabilities are impressive and quite useful. The initial price for DaCast is 25$ per month.

6. Brightcove

It is a business-oriented platform that is widely used by publishers, marketing specialists, and large enterprises. Brightcove allows you to stream high-quality live videos, insert ads to monetize your videos, publish videos to popular social platforms and analyze the engagement of your audience to improve your streams. This platform has built-in templates with which you can launch your own video portal.

We hope this has helped you to better understand the video streaming platform market and have had success, in shortlisting your best online video platform options.

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