Shopping Reviews (2023) Is Merrycoco Legit Or Scam Online Store?

October 18, 2023

Online shopping offers unparalleled convenience, but it’s not without its risks. Merrycoco, a popular online store, has garnered attention for both its discounts and its dubious reputation. This reviews aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of this platform’s legitimacy and potential pitfalls.

Exploring, often known simply as Merrycoco, is an online fashion store boasting an array of clothing, including two-piece dresses, maxi dresses, and mini dresses. While the website promotes tempting discounts, our research indicates underlying issues that deserve your attention.

What To Know Before You Shop

Ownership Concerns is under the ownership and operation of FADEL-BEATTY LIMITED, a company marked by questionable online credibility. It’s vital to recognize that the mere claim of being based in the UK does not automatically confer trustworthiness. Our investigations have unveiled a common practice wherein companies like FADEL-BEATTY LIMITED falsely assert UK registration while sourcing their products from China.

Customer Support Void

A glaring issue is the complete absence of customer support. The lack of an accessible email address or phone number raises significant concerns. Attempts to contact the customer service have proved futile, and this lack of customer support is a cause for concern.

Security Lapses

Online security is crucial, especially regarding protecting customers’ personal and financial information. Unfortunately, doesn’t meet the necessary security standards. They don’t have important security certifications like McAfee or Norton. This vulnerability leaves customers susceptible to hackers who might compromise their information. Reviews: Is Merrycoco Trustworthy?

Given the multitude of customer complaints and the website’s drawbacks, it’s apparent that does not meet the criteria of a legitimate or trustworthy online store. Like many fraudulent e-commerce platforms, it entices customers with low prices but fails to deliver satisfactory results.

Safeguarding Your Purchase With PayPal

While using PayPal for online purchases offers an additional layer of security, it is not a guarantee against potential scams. Some stores exploit weaknesses in PayPal’s system, making it vital to remain vigilant and prepared for any situation.

Common Scams Associated With Merrycoco

Shopping at Merrycoco exposes customers to various risks, including:

1. Bait & Switch Scam

Commonly associated with Chinese-based websites, this scam results in customers receiving items that differ significantly from their orders in terms of size, quality, or color.

2. Cheap Item Scam

Some customers, especially those lured by substantial discounts, may receive low-quality items that do not meet expectations.

3. VIP Membership Scam

Customers may unwittingly become members of a VIP Membership Club after placing an order, leading to monthly charges. These unexpected fees can catch customers off guard.

4. Hacked Credit Card

Shopping at may put your credit or debit card at risk, resulting in unauthorized charges or overbilling. Such credit card scams are not exclusive to this store.

Spotting A Scam Website

Prior to making any online purchase, consider the following precautions:

Check the Domain Age: Older websites are generally more reliable. You can use domain lookup tools to determine a website’s age.

Physical Location: Verify the availability of a return address, and cross-check it on Google Maps to confirm its legitimacy.

Read Reviews: If a website lacks customer reviews, exercise caution. Seek further verification if needed.

Confirm Social Media Presence: Ensure that the website’s social media icons are functional, as non-functional icons may indicate a fraudulent site.

Final Word

As per our reviews, this platform is an online store that tempts customers with enticing discounts but fails to meet authenticity standards. Shopping at Merrycoco risks having your credit card hacked or incurring overcharged fees. Moreover, you might receive subpar or entirely different items. To protect yourself, file complaints with your bank and request a new credit/debit card if you’ve fallen a victim to this store. If you’ve used PayPal, maintain records of your transactions. While online shopping offers convenience, exercising caution is paramount to ensure a safe and secure experience.


How can I verify the legitimacy of an online store?

Verify the website’s domain age, check for a valid return address, read customer reviews, and ensure that the website’s social media icons are functional.

Is a reliable online store?

No, does not meet the criteria of a trustworthy online store based on our review and customer complaints.

Can I rely on PayPal to protect me from online shopping scams?

While PayPal provides added security, it is not foolproof, as some scammers can exploit vulnerabilities in its system.

What are the risks associated with shopping at

Risks include bait and switch scams, receiving low-quality items, potential involvement in a VIP membership scam, and the risk of credit card hacking or overbilling. Caution is advised when shopping on this website.

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