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North Moon Bubble Cleaner Reviews (2023) Does It Really Remove All The Stains?

September 21, 2023

Considering North Moon Bubble Cleaner for your cleaning needs? In these North Moon Bubble Cleaner reviews, we share firsthand experiences with this product. Discover whether it lives up to its stain-dissolving claims, explore delivery times, and get insights into its cleaning effectiveness. If you’re in search of an honest assessment before making a purchase, keep reading.

Overview Of North Moon Bubble Cleaner

North Moon Bubble Cleaner claims to be a versatile cleaning solution capable of dissolving stains and eliminating grease and dirt. It boasts of keeping your kitchen and toilet fresh for up to three months and promises to work on various surfaces, including fabric, leather, glass, metal, and more.

A Customer’s Experience Using North Moon Bubble Cleaner

An online shopper recently ordered North Moon Bubble Cleaner from Amazon, but what arrived was quite different from expectations. Instead of the advertised aerosol spray, it came in a pump container, raising immediate concerns about product accuracy.

When the customer tried to use the product, he encountered further disappointment. The promised foam action was absent. Instead, the cleaner resembled a thin liquid, making it difficult to apply effectively.

The product’s performance left much to be desired. Even after two applications, it failed to remove tiny rust dots from a tap, highlighting a significant gap between its description and actual results.

Is North Moon Bubble Cleaner Truly Effective At Banishing Stains?

No, it isn’t. Despite a second attempt, North Moon Bubble Cleaner failed to live up to its stain-dissolving claims. What’s more, the customer’s attempts to contact the company were in vain, as there was no listed email address or phone number. His experience aligns with numerous negative online reviews, indicating that this product consistently falls short of expectations. Furthermore, many customers endured prolonged delivery times, with some waiting for almost five weeks for their orders to arrive.

Pros Of North Moon Bubble Cleaner

  • Rinse-free
  • Versatile applicability

Cons Of North Moon Bubble Cleaner

  • Ineffective in stain removal
  • Lengthy delivery times
  • Relatively high price point

Conclusion: Is It Worth The Hype?

North Moon Bubble Cleaner presents itself as a versatile stain-dissolving cleaning solution. However, it fails to deliver on its promises, and its delivery times are often unreasonably long. For potential buyers, exercising caution is advised.


Does North Moon Bubble Cleaner offer a money-back guarantee? 

Unfortunately, North Moon Bubble Cleaner does not explicitly mention a money-back guarantee on their website. It’s advisable to reach out to their customer service for specific details on refunds or returns.

Can North Moon Bubble Cleaner be used on all surfaces? 

While North Moon Bubble Cleaner claims to work on various surfaces, user experiences suggest that its effectiveness varies. It may not deliver consistent results on all materials.

Are there any alternative cleaning products you recommend? 

If you’re seeking effective cleaning solutions, some reputable brands like Clorox, Lysol, and Method have garnered positive reviews for their products. Always check customer reviews and conduct thorough research before making a purchase decision.

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