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Ovicd.com Reviews (2023) Is Ovicd Legit Or Scam?

September 2, 2023

Online shopping can be a double-edged sword. At first glance, Ovicd appears to be a haven for Birkenstock sandals and Clarks shoes at unbeatable prices. However, beneath this seemingly sweet deal lies a web of deceit and scams. In this Ovicd.com reviews article, we’ll unravel the truth behind this platform, examining red flags, understanding how it operates, and why you should exercise caution.

Understanding How Ovicd Operates

Ovicd.com masquerades as a legitimate Birkenstock store despite having no affiliation with the actual Birkenstock company. Those who make purchases from Ovicd find their bank accounts debited, but they receive no confirmation email or tracking number. The promised free shipping and returns are nothing more than empty promises, as attempts to contact the store go unanswered.

Uncovering Ovicd.com’s Red Flags

Unmasking The Website’s Age:

Ovicd.com states it’s been operating since 2016, but that’s not true. A quick check reveals it was registered in June 2021. Scammers often create new websites to steal personal and financial information.

The Mysterious ‘Beimac Company Limited’:

Ovicd claims to be run by ‘Beimac Company Limited,’ a name with a bad reputation online. Customers have reported receiving different items than what they ordered from stores associated with this company.

Too Good To Be True Discounts:

Ovicd.com lures shoppers with incredibly low prices. But remember, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Extremely low prices are often a sign of a scam.

Frustrating Customer Support:

Trying to contact Ovicd com is frustrating. They provide only one email address, ‘service@chenglaiy.com,’ which is linked to numerous scam sites. This lack of reliable customer support is concerning.

Given these deceitful practices, Ovicd.com undoubtedly qualifies as a highly suspicious and fraudulent platform.

Wrapping Up

This Ovicd.com reviews suggests that the website is far from a trustworthy online store. Its abysmal trust score and a history of disgruntled customers make it a place you should steer clear of. Shopping here can put your financial security at risk, potentially exposing you to credit card fraud and unauthorized fees. If you’ve been scammed by this store, it’s essential to report the incident to your bank and request a chargeback immediately. Additionally, consider changing your credit card information for added security.

When shopping online, always proceed with caution. Verify the age of the website, look for a valid return address, seek out customer reviews, and check if social media links are functional. Alternatively, opt for established sellers like those on Amazon, who not only offer reliable products but also provide robust return policies, ensuring peace of mind with every purchase.


Is Ovicd an official Birkenstock retailer?

No, Ovicd is not affiliated with Birkenstock. It’s a fraudulent website posing as a legitimate Birkenstock store.

Can I trust the discounts on the platform?

The deep discounts on Ovicd should raise suspicions. It’s wise to be cautious when encountering deals that seem too good to be true.

Can I trust Ovicd.com’s claim of free shipping and returns?

No, its promise of free shipping and returns appears to be a ruse. Many customers have reported not receiving their orders or encountering difficulties in returning items. It’s best to be cautious about such claims.

Is it safe to provide my credit card information to Ovicd.com?

Sharing your credit card details and info is not secure. Given its dubious reputation and potential for fraudulent activities, providing your credit card details could put your financial security at risk.

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