Shopping Reviews (2023) Is Paceling A Scam Or Legit Clothing Store?

September 20, 2023

In the vast world of online shopping, it’s easy to stumble upon enticing deals that promise luxury items at unbelievably low prices. Paceling Clothing, a relatively new entrant in the e-commerce landscape, has been making waves with its ‘everything under $5’ sale, and Paceling reviews can tell the truth about the brand. But before you get drawn into the allure of cheap dresses, jumpsuits, lingerie, shoes, leather bags, and more, it’s essential to consider the facts.

In this review, we’ll navigate the intricacies of, drawing from genuine user experiences and valuable insights to shed light on what this platform truly offers. Overview

Paceling burst onto the online shopping scene in September 2022, gaining attention for its too-good-to-be-true offers. The promise of ‘everything under $5’ certainly sounds tempting, but does it hold up to scrutiny? Our investigation uncovered several aspects of this online store that potential shoppers should know.

Reasons Why Paceling Clothing Store Raises Red Flags

  1. The Company’s Bad Reputation: Paceling is owned and operated by Fadel-Beatty Limited, a clothing company notorious for its ‘bait and switch scam’ tactics. This scheme involves advertising products with enticing discounts but delivering cheap imitations or even nothing at all. Complaints from customers highlight this company’s unscrupulous practices, such as luring buyers with discount prices, failing to send order confirmations, and rejecting returns or refunds.
  2. Delayed Shipping & Delivery: While suggests it’s located in Ireland, the reality is quite different. The company, Fadel-Beatty, operates from China, a fact often hidden behind a fake business address. This misrepresentation means customers may have to wait weeks or even months for their orders to arrive.
  3. Poor Customer Support: Attempting to contact the website’s customer support team can be a futile endeavor. Emails to often go unanswered, and the live support form on the website may not function. This lack of communication channels raises questions about the store’s legitimacy.
  4. Lack of Security Measures: Online shopping should come with the assurance of secure transactions. Unfortunately, Paceling falls short in this aspect. The absence of McAfee or Norton security measures makes the website vulnerable to potential hackers who could compromise customers’ personal and financial information.

Potential Risks & Scams Associated With Paceling

Apart from the typical issues like orders being debited but not delivered, shopping at can bring several unpleasant surprises:

  1. Bait & Switch Scam: Common with Chinese-based websites, customers often receive items vastly different from what they ordered, whether in size, quality, or color.
  2. Cheap Item Scam: Customers sometimes receive incredibly cheap items instead of the promised products, especially when significant discounts are involved.
  3. VIP Membership Scam: Without your knowledge or consent, you may be automatically enrolled in a VIP Membership Club, incurring monthly charges. This deceitful practice is akin to a subscription trap.
  4. Hacked Credit Card: Shopping on this website could risk your credit or debit card. Unauthorized transactions, overcharges, or even hacking attempts are possible.

Assessing Paceling Clothing

Question Answer
Is Paceling a Scam? Yes, it is. The store has zero legitimacy.
Is Paceling Clothing manufactured in the USA? No. The clothes on the website are mass-produced in China.
Are the discount offers on Paceling Real? No, they are not. The low price is just bait to get your attention.
Does Paceling grant returns and refunds? Yes, but the store has a poor return policy. Customers have to pay a return shipping fee to China which is inconvenient.
Are you safe if you use Paypal to make purchases from No, you’re not. Using PayPal does not guarantee that you wouldn’t be scammed. The website exploits a major issue with PayPal’s system and makes refunds impossible.
Is this website legit or fake? As per our Paceling reviews, the website does not appear genuine or trustworthy.

How To Identify A Suspicious Website?

In today’s digital age, identifying potential scams is crucial to protecting yourself online. Here are some tips:

  • Check the Domain Age: Older websites tend to be more trustworthy. You can verify a website’s age on platforms like
  • Verify the Physical Location: If a website provides a return address, verify it using Google Maps to ensure it’s a legitimate business location.
  • Check for Customer Reviews: Legitimate websites often have customer reviews. Be cautious if none are available.
  • Examine Social Media Presence: Ensure that social media icons on the website are functional and genuinely link to the store’s social media pages.

Concluding Paceling Reviews

In the world of online shopping, skepticism can be your best defense against potential scams. While the promise of affordable luxury items is enticing, appears to be a platform with hidden agendas. Instead of delivering on its tempting offers, it may compromise your personal information and deliver disappointment. As the saying goes, if something seems too good to be true, it often is.


  1. Is a legitimate online store?

No, the website appears to be associated with questionable practices and a lack of transparency, raising concerns about its legitimacy.

  1. Are the discount offers on Paceling Clothing real and trustworthy?

No, the low prices advertised on this website are often used as bait to attract customers, and the quality of the products received may not meet expectations.

  1. Can I trust with my personal and financial information?

It is not advisable to trust this brand with personal or financial information, as the website lacks essential security measures, potentially making customers vulnerable to cyber threats and unauthorized transactions.

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