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General Reviews (2024) Is Peoplewhiz Legit Background Screening Company Or Scam?

January 18, 2024

In the realm of background screening companies, emerges as a prominent player, boasting a vast database with over 67 billion searchable public records. However, these comprehensive Peoplewhiz reviews delve into the website’s claims, potential inconsistencies, and user complaints to provide you with a transparent assessment of this organization.

What Is

This website positions itself as a background screening company, established on May 20, 2013, and based in Huntington Beach, California. Promising access to mugshots, real criminal records, photos, contact information, and millions of other public records from legitimate third-party sources, the platform aims to offer comprehensive background checks.

Unraveling The Potential Of Peoplewhiz Scam:

Outdated and False Information: Reports generated by this platform are criticized for containing outdated and, in some cases, completely false information. Users report addresses and phone numbers that are up to 20 years old, raising concerns about the accuracy of the provided data.

Unregistered as a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA): It is not registered as a Consumer Reporting Agency, questioning the transparency and adherence to industry standards in providing background check services.

Non-transparent Pricing: The rates for PeopleWhiz services are not readily available online, adding to the lack of transparency in their pricing structure.

User Complaints

Numerous users have expressed dissatisfaction with, citing issues such as unauthorized charges and difficulties in canceling subscriptions. One user reported being debited from their credit card even after attempting to cancel the service, leading to frustration and calls for accountability.

User Testimonial

I joined but could not complete my search… they took the $68.85 out again. I called them again, and they refused to refund it to me. I even told them they were scammers, and they did not deny it. – bettyjoanstclair

Wrap Up

While has been in existence since 2013, providing a sense of legitimacy, potential inconsistencies and user complaints raise concerns about its reliability. Users are advised to exercise awareness when using the website and refrain from submitting personal or financial information. Reporting scams and sharing experiences can contribute to awareness and protection against potentially fraudulent practices.

Note: These Peoplewhiz reviews aim to provide an overview of user experiences and available information. Individuals should conduct thorough research and exercise personal judgment before engaging with this site or similar services.


Is Peoplewhiz legitimate?

While this company has been in operation since 2013, user reviews highlight potential issues with outdated and false information, raising concerns about its legitimacy.

What kind of information does provide in background checks?

It claims to offer access to mugshots, real criminal records, photos, contact information, and millions of public records. However, user reports suggest inconsistencies in the data provided.

Are they transparent in pricing?

It lacks transparency in its pricing structure, with rates not readily available online. Users may face challenges understanding the cost implications of the services.

Have users experienced problems with their services?

User complaints include difficulties in canceling subscriptions, unauthorized charges, and challenges in obtaining refunds. These issues indicate potential concerns with the customer service and billing practices of this firm.

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