Home Improvement Shopping Reviews: Is Practisea Scam Or Genuine?

July 14, 2023

Practisea is a new trending website that sells a range of home improvement products among other categories including jewelry, accessories, sports and body equipment at heavily discounted prices. If you are planning to shop on then we would recommend you to read our review. In our blog about Practisea, we will analyze the website’s red flags and customer feedback to provide an unbiased review of the website so that our readers can determine whether it is safe to purchase anything from the website. 

What Is Practisea? 

Practisea is an online platform selling trendy affordable household products like:

  • Wireless portable juice machine
  • Outdoor artificial flowers
  • Laptop stand aluminum alloy rotating bracket
  • Climber sculpture
  • Solar outdoor fountain
  • 2 in 1 drill chuck ratchet spanner
  • Stainless steel anti-corrosion retractable metric ruler

Website Specifications

This information about the website is available on their official website. 

Website URL 
Website Name  Practisea 
Return Policy  30-day of purchase 
Shipping Policy  Worldwide shipping 
Parent Company  Landbase Trading Co. Ltd 

Is Practisea Legit? 

Upon conducting a thorough analysis of the website, we have identified several red flags that raise concerns regarding the legitimacy of

Counterfeit Trust Seals

Practisea uses trust seals from Macfee and Norton on its product page to gain visitors’ trust, but these trust seals are fake, and any information you provide to the website can be compromised. 

Suspicious Parent Company 

Landbase Trading Co. Ltd is the parent company of Practisea, and further research revealed that it is a shell company registered in England and is associated with many suspicious websites. 

Lack Of Social Media Presence 

Practisea has no social media account linked to its website, which raises suspicions as many online businesses use social media to promote their brand and engage with their customers. 

Heavy Discounts 

Practisea lists its products at very high discounts, a common tactic used by online scammers to lure unsuspecting customers. 

Plagiarized Content 

Most of the content on is plagiarized from different suspicious websites, which raises a question about the authenticity of the products. 

Customer Complaints 

Many customers have complained about delayed delivery times, lack of customer support, and receiving low-quality Chinese products. So, we recommend that you avoid buying anything from 

Final Verdict 

Considering all the facts, it can be concluded that is a scam, and you should avoid purchasing anything from the website.


Are the discount offers on trustworthy? 

No, the discount offers on Practisea are not real and theses offer are only to lure unsuspecting customers. 

Does have a strong social media presence? 

No, Practisea does not have social media accounts on any platform which is very suspicious. 

Should I trust with my personal information? 

No, you should not provide personal information to Practisea, as they can sell it to data brokers for additional profits. 

What are some customer complaints related to Practisea? 

Customers have reported delayed delivery times, bad customer support, and receiving wrong products or low-quality products. 

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