Gaming Reviews: Analysis Of Legitimacy & Scam Claims

April 4, 2024

In the vast realm of online opportunities, claims to offer a shortcut to free PlayStation Network (PSN) gift card codes. Launched in July 2023, the website promises an easy path to gaming glory – just complete some tasks, download apps, and voila! But is a legit provider of PSN gift cards, or is it playing games with your expectations? In this reviews article, we reveal the truth behind this organization, scrutinizing its features, scam claims, and red flags and providing tips on avoiding PSN gift card scams.

Exposing The Scam, supposedly a haven for unused PSN codes, is a well-organized scam. The site lures users into completing surveys, downloading apps, and referring friends to earn points that can be exchanged for PSN gift cards. However, the reality is something else. Users are left empty-handed after investing time in various tasks, with no tangible PSN codes to show for their efforts.

How Scam Actually Work?

The promised PSN gift card codes remain elusive. Instead of delivering the coveted codes, guides users through a series of app downloads, surveys, and offers, all leading to a dead-end. The site profits from these activities, while users are left with nothing but frustration.

Analysis Of Red Flags: Legitimacy Check

  • Shady Business Behind The Scenes: The website hides its identity using GoDaddy’s Domains By Proxy service, raising suspicions about accountability.
  • Big Talk, No Proof: boasts a “95% success rate” but lacks tangible proof of delivering legitimate PSN codes.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Instead of fulfilling promises, engages in affiliate marketing, earning commissions from third-party app downloads.
  • Malware Infestation: Downloads recommended by may come with the risk of malware, compromising user security.
  • Privacy Red Flags: The site requests excessive access to Google accounts and contacts during the alleged code generation process.
  • Sloppy Site Setup:’s website exhibits signs of poor quality, with mistakes and inconsistencies.
  • Empty Promises: No Proof of Real Gains: Despite claims, there’s no evidence of users actually receiving legitimate PSN codes from Scams: Tips To Stay Safe

  • Maintain Skepticism: Exercise caution when encountering websites promising free PSN codes, as genuine giveaways do not involve complex tasks.
  • Beware of Deceptive Reveals: Steer clear of apps claiming to unveil codes; authentic giveaways issue codes straightforwardly without additional steps.
  • Safeguard Your Information: Avoid sharing sensitive details with unfamiliar websites to mitigate potential risks and troubles.
  • Seek User Feedback: Explore reviews to assess if others have successfully received codes; a lack of feedback should raise suspicions.
  • Verify Credibility: Look for indications of trustworthiness, including professionally crafted website content and authentic contact information.
  • Opt for Prepaid Cards: Choose prepaid PSN cards from reputable retailers over relying on online generators for a more secure redemption process.
  • Avoid Suspicious Links: Refrain from clicking on links pledging free codes, particularly on social media or unfamiliar websites.

What to Do If You Fall Victim To Psnbounty Scam

  • Protect Your Credit: Notify credit bureaus and activate fraud alerts to stop the potential unauthorized account openings.
  • Monitor Your Credit Reports: Regularly monitor credit reports for any unusual activity and instantly report discrepancies.
  • Secure Your Passwords: Change passwords across all accounts, particularly if had access to your Google account.
  • Scan for Hidden Malware: Conduct malware checks on devices used to access to ensure the absence of lingering threats.
  • Seek Assistance: Reach out to your phone carrier if unexpected charges from text subscriptions emerge, aiming to block premium SMS services.
  • Document Every Detail: Keep meticulous records for official scam complaints to be filed with relevant authorities. Reviews: Final Verdict

While presents an enticing offer of free PSN gift cards, the evidence suggests a deceptive operation at play. It is advisable to approach such promises with skepticism, safeguarding personal information and opting for reliable methods of obtaining PSN cards. In the dynamic landscape of online scams, staying vigilant is the key to avoiding disappointment and potential risks.


Q: Can really provide free PSN codes?

A: No, it is a scam. Users do not receive legitimate PSN codes despite completing tasks and downloading apps.

Q: What red flags should I look for in potential scams?

A: Shady business practices, lack of proof, excessive requests for personal information, and poor website quality are notable red flags.

Q: Are there legitimate ways to get free PSN codes?

A: Legitimate giveaways and promotions from reputable sources may offer free PSN codes; however, they do not indulge the users in numerous tasks.

Q: How can I protect myself from online scams?

A: Stay skeptical, avoid sharing sensitive information, look for credibility clues, and opt for trusted and secure methods for online payments.

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