Shopping Reviews: Is Rolling Cart Website Legit Or Scam?

January 31, 2024

In the constantly changing world of e-commerce, the demand for electrical tools has led consumers to explore various platforms, including Rolling Cart—an online store catering to a range of electrical items. These reviews aim to provide potential buyers with a comprehensive overview, combining insights into the site’s authenticity, product offerings, and customer experiences.

Understanding Rolling Cart

Rolling Cart operates as an online store with its main branch situated in Sydney, Australia. Additionally, the store has expanded its presence to other states in the country. The product catalog of Rolling Cart is diverse, encompassing essential electrical tools and equipment. The featured items include battery chargers, portable power stations, inverter generators, solar panels, lithium batteries, motor home appliances, service robots, water purifiers, and battery management systems. This online platform emphasizes its commitment to offering solutions that empower users by providing reliable power sources for various needs. Furthermore, Rolling Cart positions itself as a provider of not only products but also deals and discounts to enhance the affordability of essential electrical tools for its customers.

Specific Details:

Website Name Rolling
Website Address
Email Address
Phone No 0286779933
Calling Time 8:00-17:00 (Mon-Fri) Reviews

One of the critical aspects of any online shopping experience is customer feedback. Unfortunately, the Rolling Cart Website seems to lack a substantial number of customer reviews. This absence of firsthand experiences from other buyers may leave potential customers hesitant about the reliability and performance of the products offered.

Authenticity Check: Is Rolling Cart Legit?

Website’s Creation and Expiry Date: The missing information regarding the creation and expiry date of the Rolling Cart website raises questions about its longevity and the transparency of its operations.

Trust Score and Index: While boasting a commendable 60% trust score, the overall trust index at 23.4% indicates a certain level of uncertainty. Trust is crucial in online transactions, and potential buyers may hesitate without a clearer assurance.

Owner Details: The undisclosed owner details contribute to the ambiguity surrounding Rolling Cart. Transparency about the ownership of the website is essential in building trust among consumers.

Contact Details: While contact details are provided, the limited availability from 8:00 to 17:00 (Mon-Fri) may pose challenges for customers in different time zones or those seeking assistance outside these hours.

Threat and Phishing Score: Although both threat and phishing scores are at 0 out of 100, the lack of reviews and limited information heighten the uncertainty about potential risks associated with the website.

Website Evaluation: Positive & Negative Aspects

Aspect Positive Negative
Trust Score Good Missing information on website’s creation & expiry
Protocol Detection Detection of HTTP Unavailable owner identity
Deals and Discounts Attractive deals and discounts Limited customer reviews for product analysis

Conclusion: Is Rolling Cart Legit?

In conclusion, the reviews present a mixed perspective. While the platform offers good deals and has a decent trust score, the absence of essential information, such as the website’s creation and expiry date, owner details, and customer reviews, creates an air of uncertainty. Potential buyers should exercise caution and refrain from making purchases until more information surfaces, ensuring a safer online shopping experience.


  1. Is Rolling Cart website Legitimate?

While this website showcases a good trust score and offers attractive deals, some uncertainties, such as missing creation and expiry dates and undisclosed owner details, raise authenticity concerns. The buyers are advised to exercise caution and research for more information before making a purchase.

  1. Why are customer reviews limited on Rolling Cart?

Indeed, the limited availability of customer reviews on their website can make it challenging for buyers to assess the quality and reliability of the products. We recommend potential customers to monitor for increased reviews and experiences before deciding to make a purchase.

  1. Are the deals and discounts on Rolling Cart genuine?

Rolling Cart does present enticing deals and discounts, but the overall authenticity of the website is under scrutiny due to missing crucial details. The buyers should exercise caution and verify the legitimacy of these promotions before making any purchases.

  1. How can I contact Rolling Cart for assistance?

The website provides contact details, including an email address ( and a phone number (0286779933), with calling hours from 8:00 to 17:00 (Mon-Fri). However, customers should be mindful of the limited calling hours and consider the time zone differences when seeking support.

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