Shopping Reviews: Is Roschic Clothing Legit Or Scam?

January 24, 2024

Considering a purchase from Wondering about Roschic clothing and Roschic scam? Read reviews to learn about its features and potential red flags. In this article, we delve into its online presence, customer reviews, and the pressing question – Is Roschic clothing legit? Whether you’re curious about Roschic boutique or wary of a potential Roschic scam, this review aims to provide insights for informed decision-making. An Overview

It presents an enticing array of stylish female dresses, including Tops, Swimwear, and Maxi Dresses. The positive aspects of this clothing store include its trendy designs and the allure of discounted prices. The online store of Roschic boutique showcases a variety of fashion options, catering to diverse tastes. With a focus on contemporary fashion, it strives to provide customers with affordable and stylish clothing choices, making it an attractive option for fashion enthusiasts.

Roschic Clothing: At A Glance

Aspect Details
Website URL
Prices Attractive and seemingly discounted prices
Customer Support Email: (Note: Reported as unresponsive)
Business Address Not provided on the Contact Us page
Product Quality Concerns raised about potential image theft and quality issues
Security Measures No trust seals from Norton, McAfee, etc.
Discount Offers Enticing discounts on all products, raising suspicions
Trust Score Reportedly poor, indicating potential trustworthiness issues

Examination Of The Drawbacks: Is Roschic Clothing Legit?

  • Customer Support Concerns: Its poor customer support raises red flags, with emails to going unanswered. This lack of communication poses a potential risk for customers who may need assistance post-purchase.
  • Fake Business Address: It fails to provide a physical business address on its Contact Us page, leaving customers unsure about how to locate the store for refunds or returns. The absence of a clear business address is a notable drawback.
  • Quality Issues: Observant customers may notice that some models’ faces are cropped out in Roschic’s product images, indicating potential image theft. This raises concerns about the actual quality of the clothing customers might receive.
  • Security Lacks Trust Seals: lacks trust seals from reputable security providers like Norton or McAfee. This absence raises concerns about the security of customers’ financial and personal information, making them susceptible to online hacking.
  • Deceptive Discount Offers: Attractive discount offers may seem too good to be true, a common tactic employed by online scammers. Buyers should exercise caution as excessively low prices could indicate a bait-and-switch scam.
  • Low Trust Score: It has a poor trust score, signaling potential issues with its legitimacy. Buyers are advised to consider this red flag before making any purchases on the platform. Reviews: Final Words

In conclusion, while this online clothing store offers a variety of trendy clothing options at discounted prices, the identified drawbacks raise significant concerns about its legitimacy. Issues with customer support, fake business addresses, image quality, and security lapses should not be overlooked. While the platform may attract buyers with its appealing discounts, the risks associated with potential scams and poor trust scores outweigh the benefits. Caution is advised for anyone considering making a purchase from this clothing store.


Does Roschic offer secure transactions?

It lacks trust seals from reputable security providers, raising concerns about the security of financial transactions on the platform.

Can I trust Roschic’s discount offers?

The attractive discount offers may be deceptive, as excessively low prices can be a tactic used by online scammers.

How can I ensure a safe online shopping experience?

To ensure a safe online shopping experience, consider factors such as customer reviews, domain registration details, and the presence of security measures on the website.

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