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Sheoun Reviews: Is Sheoun Legit Or Scam?

July 6, 2023

If you stumbled upon Sheoun and think it has great deals, read this article before making any purchases. Sheoun .com is a viral fashion website that sells high-quality products at heavily discounted prices. But many users who have ordered from the website have reported not receiving their products. 

In this Sheoun article, we will review the website, customer experience, and red flags. Our goal is to provide an unbiased review of Sheoun, so you can determine whether you want to buy something from their website. 

Sheoun Reviews: What Is Sheoun? 

Sheoun is an ecommerce website that sells fashionable clothing and electronics at great prices. The products range from dresses, casual t-shirts, joggers, trousers. The website also deals in electronic gadgets. The deals on the products are irresistible and would attract anyone. 

But upon further research and reading customer reviews on several reviewing websites, we learned that many customers still need to receive their product even 3 months after ordering. 

Let’s learn more about the website. 

Website Details 

We found these details about their brand on their official website 

Company Name  Bin Estrella GmbH 
Company Number  064110000 
Company Address  Pallaswiesenstraβe 180,64293 Darmstadt’ Germany 
Email  service@sheoun .com 
Domain Registrar  DNSPod, Inc. 
Domain Registration Date  2022-11-01 

Red Flags Of Sheoun .com 

Sheoun is full of red flags that raise doubts about its authenticity. Any smart buyer would quickly recognize these red flags and will discover the scam. But many visitors still need to be aware of these shopping scam websites. To help, we have curated a list of red flags that we came across on Sheoun .com and after analyzing various customer reviews. 

Negative Reviews On Reviewing Websites 

Sheoun has numerous negative comments and reviews on platforms like Reddit and Facebook. People are complaining about them not receiving their product, receiving subpar quality products, and no response from the customer support email. 

Suspicious Pricing & Discounts 

Sheoun advertises high-quality clothing products like hoodies and joggers for $5 and expensive electronics like e-bikes for $30. However, these prices are absurd and non-profitable. Offering such heavy discounts is a clear red flag of a potential scam. 

Suspicious Parent Company  

The parent company of Sheoun- Bin Estrella GmbH is a shell company used by many scam websites to target people in the USA, UK, and Canada. 

Lack Of Customer Support 

Another red flag of Sheoun .com is its poor customer support. They rarely respond to emails, and the mobile number that they have provided is currently unreachable. 

Final Verdict 

After carefully analyzing Sheoun .com, we can confidently say that it is a scam, and you should avoid purchasing from this website. You should exercise caution while purchasing anything online and thoroughly research before making any transactions. We advise to strictly refrain from buying from the websites that offer unbelievably high prices.


Is Sheoun .com a reputable online store? 

No, it is not a reputable online store as it raises several red flags, like lack of customer support, buyers not receiving their products, and negative feedback on several reviewing websites. 

What is the shipping time for products purchased from Sheoun?

Sheoun claims to ship their products within 3 weeks after the order is placed, but many customers have not received them even 3 months after the placement of order. 

Does Sheoun have a presence on social media platforms? 

Unfortunately, Sheoun does not have any presence on social media, and the only way to connect to them is through their website and the email that they have provided. 

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