Finance Reviews: Is Scam Or Legit?

December 11, 2023

In the vast realm of online transactions, the name has triggered skepticism and concerns about its legitimacy. Users have reported dubious credit card charges, raising questions about the transparency of this platform. The reviews delves into the intricacies of the website, exploring claims of a potential scam, the experiences of users, and the challenges associated with canceling subscriptions on the platform. Join us as we peel back the layers of the mystery and shed light on the complexities surrounding its operations.

About Is Scam? 

The allure of free cashback on online purchases draws many users to However, hidden within the fine print of its terms and conditions lies a subscription service that catches unsuspecting users off guard. This section explores the deceptive practices employed by, shedding light on the darker side of seemingly attractive offers.

A Closer Look At The Subscription Scheme operates as an online subscription service, capitalizing on users’ trust after a purchase. Promising free cashback, the site stealthily acquires credit card details, burying the subscription terms in minuscule print. Monthly charges of $19.00 follow, leaving users questioning the legitimacy of the service. Real-life accounts from victims highlight the deceptive tactics at play. Cancel Subscription: Tackling Challenges

Unfortunately, the unsubscribe button on the website proves ineffective, and neither the telephone number nor Live Chat offer solutions. To reclaim your money, follow these steps:

  • Report Unauthorized Transactions: Promptly inform your cardholder about any unauthorized transactions to improve the likelihood of recovering your funds.
  • Close and Request a New Credit Card: Close the credit card associated with the dubious charges and request a new one for added security.
  • Opt for Text Notifications: Configure text notifications in your bank’s settings to receive immediate alerts about transactions.

Proactive Measures For Online Security Against Scam

Prevent falling into the trap by adopting these precautions:

  • Thoroughly Read Terms & Conditions: Scrutinize the small print before entering agreements, both online and offline.
  • Ensure Unticked Terms & Conditions: Make sure the terms & conditions box is not pre-ticked, especially during purchases.
  • Timely Cancellation: If you have a limited window to cancel an agreement, ensure you do so promptly.
  • Research Before Providing Bank Details: Conduct prior research before providing bank details to any company.

Conclusive Insights: Scams 

As the reviews concludes, readers gain a comprehensive understanding of’s questionable practices. Key takeaways underscore the importance of staying informed, acting swiftly to address unauthorized charges, and fostering a cautious approach in the dynamic landscape of online transactions.

In navigating the digital era, users are reminded to remain vigilant, share their experiences, and collectively contribute to a safer online environment.


Is a reliable platform for shipping and returns?, despite its shipping and returns facade, triggers concerns about its reliability. Users’ experiences reveal deceptive practices, raising skepticism.

What are the reported charges by

Users report unauthorized credit card charges from, including a $3 subscription fee and a recurring monthly charge of $19.

How effective is the cancel subscription link on’s website?

The cancel subscription link on proves ineffective, as users have reported challenges in stopping charges. Seeking assistance from your credit card provider is recommended.

Can refunds be obtained from

Refund requests with are reportedly unsuccessful. Users are encouraged to pursue a chargeback with their bank, emphasizing deceptive practices in obtaining payment details.

What proactive measures can be taken against scams?

To avoid falling victim to scams, users are advised to thoroughly read terms and conditions, ensure unticked agreement boxes, cancel promptly if needed, and conduct research before providing bank details to any company.

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