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Shopping Reviews: Is Strictlymot Legit Or Scam Website?

August 24, 2023

The virtual landscape of online shopping has opened doors to convenience and choice. Amidst this convenience, however, lurk opportunistic entities ready to exploit unsuspecting shoppers. One such entity is, a platform that claims to offer enticing deals but conceals a web of deceit. In this Strictlymot reviews exposé, we delve deep into the modus operandi of the website, highlighting the warning signs and equipping you with the knowledge to shield yourself from its clutches.

About & Its Deceptive Mechanism

At first glance, Strictlymot presents a haven for bargain hunters, offering a diverse range of items, from power tools to kids’ toys, at seemingly unbeatable prices. It preys on the allure of steep discounts, enticing unsuspecting buyers to take the bait. However, the truth emerges post-purchase. 

While customers receive a debit alert and confirmation email, all further communication grinds to a halt. No responses, no tracking information, and no delivery of ordered products. Frustrated customers have flocked to TrustPilot, sharing their experiences of lost money and undelivered goods.

Five Compelling Reasons To Steer Clear Of

  1. Fictitious Business Address: The credibility of’s listed business address is shattered as it points to a private residence. The true occupants of the address have distanced themselves from the website and have even reported the matter to the authorities.
  2. Customer Support Void: The email address provided, “,” remains a dead end, and attempts to reach out via the listed phone number yield no results.
  3. Unbelievable Discounts: The store’s aggressive discounts raise eyebrows. Legitimate businesses cannot sustain such deep price cuts, laying bare the fraudulent nature of these offerings.
  4. Security Negligence:’s failure to implement vital security measures exposes customers’ sensitive information to potential cyber threats and misuse.
  5. Social Media Mirage: Despite operating since 2012, the store’s social media presence is virtually nonexistent, further eroding its credibility.

Exploring Strictlymot Features

Specification Feature
Registration Timeline came into existence on November 15, 2012.
Domain Expiry Date The domain registration is set to lapse on November 15, 2023.
Product Range claims to offer an array of products.
Order Cancellation Order cancellations are permissible before the product enters the shipping or production phase.
Return Policy The store accepts returns within a 14-day window from the receipt of the product.
Refund Procedure Refunds are processed after inspecting the returned item.
Shipping Terms Free shipping is granted for orders exceeding £40.

Is PayPal A Shield Against’s Scam?

Using PayPal doesn’t guarantee safety from scams. Some fraudulent stores exploit PayPal’s system by adding unrelated tracking numbers to transactions, making disputes exceedingly difficult. Staying vigilant and exercising caution is paramount, even when utilizing PayPal for purchases.

Concluding Thoughts: Is Strictlymot Legit

Beneath the surface allure of unbeatable bargains, conceals a complex charade. With a trail of damning indicators, from fabricated addresses to an absence of customer support, this online store emerges as a formidable threat to the unsuspecting shopper. Arm yourself with discernment, validate authenticity, and lean on secure payment methods. While online shopping bestows convenience, it’s a realm that necessitates astute judgment to evade the clutches of deceitful traps.


Is a legitimate online store?

No, is not a legitimate online store. It has been reported as a scam by numerous customers who have experienced issues with their orders and payments.

Can I cancel my order from

Yes, you can cancel your order, but it must be done before the product enters the shipping or production phase. Afterward, cancellations may not be possible.

Are refunds available if I receive a defective or incorrect item from

Yes, refunds are available. However, they are processed only after inspecting the returned item, so be prepared for a potential delay in receiving your refund.

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