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Swimshy Reviews (2023) Is Swimshy.com Fashion Store Legit Or Scam?

June 6, 2023

The Swimshy store sells an exclusive range of bikinis, one-piece sets, two-piece sets, three-piece sets, skirts, swimsuit sets, tops, cover-ups, vests, dresses, pants, jewelry, and many more at pretty high discounts. The substantial discounts, slow loading times, unprofessional website design, and inconsistent information significantly undermine Swimshy’s trustworthiness and legitimacy.

Let’s explore website details and analyze Swimshy reviews to assess whether Swimshy.com is a legit and reliable destination for your shopping needs. 

What Is Swimshy.com?

The e-commerce platform, Swimshy.com has an exclusive collection of bikini, one-piece sets, two-piece sets, three-piece sets, dresses, pants, jewelry, caps, skirt swimsuit sets, tops, vests, phone cases, and many more at jaw-dropping discounts. While the website seems legitimate initially, we could find many red flags upon taking a closer look. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly read our Swimshy reviews before making your final buy. 

Pros Of Buying From Swimshy.com

Wide Collection of Swimwear

Swimshy.com offers a wide selection of swimwear designed to cater to women’s needs who value style.

SSL Certificate

Swimshy.com owns an SSL certificate to ensure safe browsing. It protects the data from phishing attempts. 

Cons Of  Buying From Swimshy.com

Low Trust Score

The website’s low trust score hints at security vulnerabilities. It raises concerns about its overall website reliability and trustworthiness.

New Domain Registration

Swimshy.com is registered newly. It lacks an established track record regarding credibility and reliability, which is a potential red flag.

Low-Quality Products

Customers’ complaints about receiving low-quality Swimshy products pinpoint the website’s authenticity.

Unresponsive Customer Support

Swimshy.com lacks customer support channels, and it dissatisfies shoppers. The customer support team never replies to the customer’s queries related to their orders.

Plagiarised Content

Swimshy.com has duplicated content from most of the fraudulent websites. It is a red flag that raises eyebrows on website credibility because trustworthy websites have unique and authentic content. 

Is Swimshy.com A Legit Or Scam Store?

The absence of a physical address, plagiarised website content, and images, lack of customer assistance, shipping delays, and inadequate security measures point that the website is fraudulent. However, it is advisable to exercise caution before shopping at Swimshy.com. 

Swimshy Review – Final Verdict

After analyzing Swimshy reviews thoroughly, several concerns, such as low trust scores, low prices, and insufficient security measures, raise doubts about Swimshy.com’s legitimacy. It is recommended never to ignore these red flags and consider other alternatives for a safe shopping experience. 


Is Swimshy.com a reputable store?

Swimshy.com’s concerns regarding questionable discounts, inadequate security measures, and non-responsive customer support raise concerns about Swimshy.com’s authenticity and credibility. It demonstrates that Swimshy.com is not a reputable store.

Are products on Swimshy.com authentic?

The low product quality and sizing issues raise questions about Swimshy.com’s authenticity and credibility. The Swimshy.com products are not authentic.

How can You track your orders?

Swimshy provides a tracking number as the orders are processed and fulfilled. You can track it on the USPS, DHL, E-Packet, EMS, FedEx, Aramex, and JCEX websites.

What should you do if you face any issues with products purchased from Swimshy.com?

Reach out to Swimshy’s customer support team via their provided contact information and report the issue to seek assistance.

How can I cancel the order on Swimshy.com?

To cancel orders on Swimshy.com, email support@swimshy.com. The customer support team will initiate the cancellation process if the orders are not processed.

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