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Testerbuzz.com Reviews: Is Testerbuzz Legit Or Scam?

July 5, 2023

This article aims to provide Testerbuzz.com reviews. When it comes to finding legitimate online work and rewards platforms, Testerbuzz.com has caught the attention of many job seekers. In this article, we will conduct a detailed analysis and provide genuine Testerbuzz.com reviews to help you understand the concept and determine its legitimacy.

You’ve probably heard of Testerbuzz.com, which advertises positions of product testers and reviewers for Amazon. Testerbuzz claims the site uses the Amazon Vine program and asks reputable reviewers to testify their items. Testerbuzz further claims that anyone may become Amazon product tester without needing an offer from Amazon Vine since they give simple access to Amazon items, awards, and feedback to help you develop into a reliable and competent tester.  

Let’s jump to further sections and know about what the website is really doing? Also, this post analyzes the authenticity of the website. 

Regarding Testerbuzz.com

Testerbuzz.com presents itself as a platform that offers income opportunities, particularly for those looking to work from home. The website claims to have limited spots available and promises to respond to inquiries within 48 hours. Upon registration, users are asked a few questions about their desire to work from home and are directed to a page where they can play games and earn incentives.

Registration Process

The process of registering on Testerbuzz.com is straightforward. Here are the steps involved: 

  • Visit the website first, then respond to the inquiries.
  • Your email address will then be promptly confirmed, after submission.
  • After that, you must enter your data. It has the address and phone number.
  • After completing additional steps, you will receive your prize.

Earning Prizes

To earn prizes on Testerbuzz.com, users are required to complete the following steps: 


Your favorite games will be a topic of conversation. Then, related questions will be raised. They will confirm your availability. 

Alternative Offers

They will now ask you if you want to select a prize. The alternative offers are really exciting. 

Testerbuzz.com Discounts

You need to pick a deal for yourself right now. You must complete at least one transaction.


  • They provide a platform to earn decent money 
  • You get to select deals, alternative offers, as per your liking
  • They assure to reward the people working with them after each completion of tasks


  • There is not any review for the website anywhere
  • Low trafficking on the website
  • The job is not offered

Reviews From Customers: Are They Content?

There aren’t any reviews at all on the official website. We also investigated the Trust Pilot. On Testerbuzz.com, there was not even a single review. As a result, it is difficult to determine if it is legitimate or not. We checked it up on other websites and discovered that it was legit; therefore, this site is legitimate but not very popular. 

Final Verdict

After analyzing the platform, we have discovered that the platform doesn’t provide a job opportunity. Instead, you will have to acquire points by performing certain tasks. Your prize will be based on those points. Before spending any time on the platform, we advise you to evaluate the website thoroughly. 


1. What happens if you don’t get the gift card?

If you still have not received the gift after two weeks, you can contact customer care.

2. Can the transactions be canceled?

Yes, if you don’t like the deals, you may cancel them. To do this, you must speak with the deal’s provider. 

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