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Traveluro Reviews: Is Traveluro Scam Or Legit?

November 2, 2023

Are you considering booking your next travel adventure through Traveluro, the online travel agency promising incredible deals on hotels and flights? These comprehensive Traveluro reviews will provide you with insights based on a customer’s experience, helping you make an informed decision regarding the legitimacy and reliability of this platform. 

Read on to ensure you embark on your journeys with confidence and security.

What Is Traveluro?

Traveluro is an online travel agency that seems to offer incredible deals on hotel and flight bookings. At first glance, their prices can be incredibly tempting, often much lower than what the hotels or airlines themselves are offering. However, this raises questions about its reliability and legitimacy.

An Experience With Traveluro Travel Agency

A few months ago, a customer booked a hotel room through Traveluro for a concert he was excited to attend. However, when he arrived at the hotel, they had no record of his reservation. He tried to reach their customer assistance, but it was nearly impossible to get in touch with them. Calls went unanswered, and the user’s emails received no responses. The frustration and panic that ensued were truly unpleasant.

In desperation, the customer contacted his bank, and fortunately, they initiated a dispute to refund his money. While this eventually resolved the issue, the whole experience was a headache. It serves as a reminder to always double-check reservations and reconsider booking through challenging-to-reach companies.

Pros: What He Likes:

  • The initial excitement of booking.
  • Supportive customer service from his bank, which helped him recover the money.
  • Saving some hard-earned cash.

Cons: What He Didn’t Like:

  • The reservation mysteriously disappeared, causing significant inconvenience.
  • Its complete lack of communication was frustrating, leaving the client in the dark.
  • Wasted time and effort spent on endless, unanswered calls.

Navigating What You Need To Understand

Traveluro acts as an intermediary between customers and hotels or airlines. Your contract isn’t directly with the hotel or airline; it’s with Traveluro. Therefore, if any issues arise during your stay or flight, you must contact them rather than the service provider. This can lead to back-and-forth communication between you, the hotel, and Traveluro, potentially delaying issue resolution.

Is Traveluro Scam Or Legit? Honest Traveluro Reviews

While Traveluro may seem legitimate at first, closer examination raises some red flags. Extremely low prices on their platform could be deceptive. As per the users experience, the lack of responsiveness from the platform questions its legitimacy. Remember the old saying: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Trust your instincts and exercise caution when you encounter offers that appear too enticing. It’s often safer to steer clear of such deals.

A Customer Report:

“Traveluro canceled my booking the day after I made it, without giving me any notice. I embarked on a journey from Texas to San Francisco only to discover that I had no accommodation upon arrival. After charging me extra for the 24/7 phone support option…which they don’t pick up…I got an email 3 days after the fact asking what the problem was. I replied to it, and five days later…nothing from them.” – Mariam

Should you decide to use this platform, proceed with caution. Research thoroughly, check for reviews, and always have a backup plan in case things go awry.

How To Stay Safe Online

To stay safe while browsing online, maintain vigilance:

  • Refrain clicking on links in text messages from unknown sources.
  • Verify website legitimacy by checking for essential information, terms of service, and privacy policies.

Steps To Take If You Have Been Scammed

If you fall victim to a scam:

  • Report unauthorized transactions to your credit card issuer or bank immediately and request a chargeback.
  • Change your online passwords and use strong, unique passwords for each account.
  • It is important to report fraudulent activity to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or your local law enforcement agency.
  • Check your credit report for suspicious activity.
  • Stay vigilant for further phishing scams or suspicious emails and refrain from sharing sensitive information.

Final Thoughts 

While Traveluro is a legitimate travel agency, their role as an intermediary can lead to communication challenges in case of issues during your travel. We would rate it 2/5 based on our exploration of Traveluro reviews.

Have You Been Scammed?

If you’ve fallen victim to a scam, take action to limit damage and protect yourself. These steps can include contacting your bank, changing your passwords, reporting the scam, monitoring your credit report, and staying vigilant for further scams.


Is Traveluro legit?

It is an online travel agency that provides hotel and flight booking services. While it appears legitimate at first, there have been reports of issues with responsiveness and customer experiences that have raised questions about its reliability.

Are there any Traveluro reviews available online?

Yes, there are customer reviews and reports about the platform available on various online platforms. Reading these reviews can provide useful information into the experiences of other travelers with Traveluro.

What is Traveluro known for?

It is known for offering seemingly attractive deals on hotel and flight bookings. Many travelers are drawn to it because of its competitive prices.

Is there any evidence of a Traveluro scam?

Some customers have reported issues with Traveluro, such as reservations disappearing and poor communication. While it may not necessarily be a scam, there have been concerns raised about its reliability.

Why is Traveluro so cheap?

Traveluro’s prices often appear lower than those offered directly by hotels and airlines. However, these extremely low prices have raised suspicions, as they may seem too good to be true. Travelers should exercise caution when encountering such enticing offers.

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