Bloomchic Reviews (2023) Is Bloomchic Legit Or Scam Clothing Store?

August 15, 2023

In a world where online scams are on the rise, consumers are rightfully cautious about their purchases. One such online store that has caught attention is Bloomchic, an e-commerce platform offering plus-size women’s clothing. In this review, we’ll delve into the details of Bloomchic and determine whether it’s a legitimate shopping destination or a potential scam.

Bloomchic Reviews: What Is Bloomchic? and present themselves as online retailers specializing in a range of women’s wear, including jumpsuits, dresses, fashion suits and more tailored for plus-size individuals. The company is affiliated with Shine Yee Technology Hongkong Limited and operates under the address RM A, 12/F, MW TOWER II, 5 KIMBERLEY STREET TSIM SHA TSUI HK. As part of its service, the store offers free shipping on orders exceeding $59 and boasts hassle-free return policies. However, amidst the appealing offerings, a question looms: Is Bloom chic too good to be true?

Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages Disadvantages
1. SSL Encryption: Ensures credit card security. 1. Extended Shipping: Hong Kong warehouse may lead to 2-4 weeks delivery.
2. Transparency: Provides tracking and social media links. 2. New Domain: is just two months old, raising domain age concerns.
3. Extended Returns: Offers buyers reassurance.

Bloom Chic Reviews By Customers

Customer feedback plays a pivotal role in assessing the legitimacy of any online store. In the case of Bloomchic, customer reviews reveal a mixed bag of experiences. While many buyers express satisfaction with the value of the clothing purchased, a recurring theme emerges regarding poor customer support and shipping delays. Notably, the size chart is deemed accurate, adding to the credibility of the clothing’s fit and quality. Overall, Bloomchic attains a modest 3.6 rating on Trustpilot, highlighting a spectrum of opinions.

Is Bloomchic Legit?

At a glance, appears reliable, substantiated by its fair trust score. However, a notable concern revolves around the potentially prolonged shipping and delivery duration. To further ascertain its legitimacy, it’s essential to consider personal experiences. If you’ve engaged with Bloom chic, sharing your encounter can contribute valuable insights to the community. In cases of unfavorable transactions, it’s recommended to promptly contact your bank and request a chargeback. Additionally, safeguarding your financial details by altering credit card information or obtaining a new card is prudent.

Guidelines For Online Shopping

While online shopping offers convenience, vigilance remains crucial. Before making a purchase, consider the following aspects:

  • Social Media Engagement: Functional social media icons and active engagement can validate the store’s authenticity.
  • Website Age: Assess the age of the website. Older, established platforms often offer more reliability.
  • Customer Reviews: Examine customer feedback from various sources to gauge the store’s track record.
  • Return Address: A legitimate store will provide clear return information, instilling confidence in the purchase process.

In conclusion, the online shopping landscape demands caution and informed decisions. While platforms like Bloom chic may offer attractive deals, thorough research and adherence to trusted platforms, such as Amazon, can ensure a satisfying and secure shopping experience.

Similar Reviewed Stores

If you’re seeking alternatives, consider exploring similar reviewed stores, such as Snowverb, Hototin, Yessenditnow, HomeTarget, Maxinea, FluffyPouf, and Elaworth, among others. Taking advantage of reliable platforms can enhance your online shopping journey while minimizing risks.


Is Bloomchic legit and reliable store?

While Bloomchic appears trustworthy, its shipping times and customer support have raised concerns among buyers.

What is Bloomchic’s return policy?

Bloomchic offers an extended return policy, but consider potential shipping delays due to its Hong Kong warehouse.

How’s the customer feedback?

Customers appreciate the clothing’s value, but recurring complaints involve delayed shipping and subpar customer support.

Should I shop from

Decide cautiously; prioritize established websites with clear return info, positive reviews, and secure payment methods for a safer online shopping experience.

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