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Shopping Reviews (2023) Is Crowdfused A Legit Online Store Or Scam?

October 24, 2023

In a society where a significant number of individuals fancy the convenience of shopping online from sites like from the comfort of their homes, it is essential to check whether it is safe or not. Crowdfused is an online store that claims to offer an extensive array of products, including bookshelves, speakers, and beds, all at remarkably low prices. But is this site trustworthy? In this Crowdfused reviews article, we’ll discover whether is Crowdfused legit place to shop or not. So, let’s dive in and find out if it’s the real deal!

Essential Things To Know About Before You Shop

Fake Business Address

One of the first red flags associated with is its questionable business address. The website lists its address as “619 Honey Creek Ln, Hinesville, GA, 31313,” but upon investigation, this address appears to be a single-family home. This raises concerns about the legitimacy of the store’s location. It’s essential for an online store to provide a verifiable physical address to establish trust with customers. The use of a fake address is a significant cause for concern.

Zero Customer Support

Another central area for improvement with is its need for a functional customer support system. The website must provide customers with an email address or phone number to contact the store. This lack of communication channels leaves customers without any means to contact for assistance, inquiries, or support. A reputable online store should have a robust customer support system to promptly address customer concerns and queries.

No Social Media Presence, No Crowdfused Reviews

In the modern digital era, it is important for businesses aiming to connect with their customer base and cultivate trust to establish a presence on social media platforms. However, conspicuously lacks any social media icons or links on its website. This absence of a social media presence raises suspicions about the store’s legitimacy. Reputable enterprises frequently manage dynamic profiles on different social media platforms to interact with their clientele and offer information regarding their products and services.

Not Properly Secured

Online security is paramount, especially with e-commerce websites sharing personal and financial data.’s lack of proper security measures is a significant concern. The website is not secured with reputable security certificates like McAfee or Norton, leaving it vulnerable to potential hacking. This could result in unauthorized access to customer’s personal and financial information, potentially leading to identity theft and financial losses.

Conclusion: Is Crowdfused Legit?

In short, seems fishy because of its fake address, lack of proper customer support, social media, and weak security. Buying here comes with risks like credit card problems and getting the wrong stuff. To stay safe, it’s best not to shop here.

Tell your bank to get a new card if you’ve had issues. If you used PayPal, take pictures of your transactions if you need to argue later. When you are shopping online, be careful, check for return info, look for reviews, and see if there’s a social media link. This helps you avoid bad online stores.


  1. What is

It is an online store that claims to offer various products for sale.

  1. Why are people concerned about

Concerns arise due to its questionable business address, lack of customer support, absence of a social media presence, and inadequate online security.

  1. What risks do customers face when shopping on

According to Crowdfused reviews, potential risks include credit card fraud, overcharged fees, receiving incorrect or inferior products, or not receiving anything at all.

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