Places To Visit In Armenia

10 Mindblowing Places To Visit In Armenia

July 24, 2020

If you are a frequent traveler who seeks history-steeped sites, distinct cultural flavors, and mysterious natural spots, it’s time to add Armenia in your list of countries to visit. Tucked at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, it is where you’ll find ancient cultures, magnificent churches, monasteries, and friendly locals.

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Here’s a list of the top tourist places to visit in Armenia:

1. The City Centre Of Ancient Yerevan

Built-in 782 BCC (yes, it’s even older than Rome!), this city center is famous for its splendid architecture, and centuries-old history. Apart from admiring this architectural marvel, you can also enjoy the many chic cafés, restaurants, and parks here. Oh! Don’t forget to explore the ‘History Museum of Armenia’ and the ‘Government House’ here.

2. Echmiadzin

This place is situated almost 20 km away from Yerevan. Echmiadzin Cathedral is located in the Echmiadzin, the fourth largest city in Armenia. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and attracts tourists from all across the world. The cathedral is extremely significant for being the spot that commemorated Armenia as the first country to adopt Christianity as a state religion.

3. Tatev Monastery

If solace and serenity are all you’re looking for, head to the Tatev Monastery, which is a medieval structure nestled on the edge of a deep gorge, surrounded by postcard-perfect mountains. Don’t forget to opt for the famous cable-car ride for reaching the monastery, and savor some breathtaking views. This cableway has also been listed in the Guinness Book of Records, as the ‘longest non-stop double track cable car’.

4. Lake Sevan

Holding the record for being one of the largest freshwater, high-altitude lakes in the world, Lake Sevan is a work of magic – with the color of its water changing according to the weather. Its unparalleled beauty has earned it the nickname of ‘The Pearl of Armenian Nature’. Enjoy a picnic with your friends and family, or sign up for some ‘me-time’ – Lake Sevan is where you can slow down a bit.

5. Shaki Waterfall

This place is placed in the Syunik region, The Shaki Waterfall is such a wonderful creation of Mother Nature.  Falling from an altitude of 18 meters, the Shaki Waterfall has miraculous ways of shutting out surrounding noises. Don’t forget to click a lot of pictures when you’re here.

6. Noratus Cemetery

While cemeteries seem like an odd recommendation for a trip, you won’t regret visiting this cemetery, which has earned quite a name for its famous folklores and stories. It has more than 1000 unique cross-stones, known as Khachkars. Covered in intriguing carvings, it also depicts a celebratory scene from a wedding, that you must check out.

7. Jermuk

A popular spa town in Armenia, Jermuk is known for its healing mineral waters, pleasant climate, and more than 40 thermal springs. You can also visit the ‘Gallery of Water’ here, where you can sample therapeutic mineral waters. Also, feast your eyes on the splendid Jermuk Waterfall—which is the second-largest waterfall in Armenia.

8. Karahunj

Some 200 km away from Yerevan, in the Syunik region, Karahunj is one of the oldest and most popular megalithic sites of Armenia. It is also known as Zorats Karer or the ‘Army of Stones’. Tucked at an altitude of 1,770 m, Karahunj flaunts 200 stones. There are many mysteries surrounding the place and its origin—so a trip to this place will surely poke the curiosity in you.

9. The Cave City Of Khndzoresk

A must-visit place for history buffs—the cave of Khndzoresk is a popular tourist spot in Armenia. It houses an old village, which is made up of huge caves, dating back to archaic times. If history is anything to go by, these caves were used as homes for people until the 1950s. Take a stroll here and discover Armenia’s spellbinding history.

10. Symphony Of Stones

This beautiful place is in the Kotayk region of Armenia and there is a beautiful canyon called Garni. This place is famous for its unique basalt columns. Forming naturally symmetrical columns, as a result of geological processes, they are also known as ‘The Symphony of Stones’ and are a feast to the eyes.

Last Words

While not a touristy place in the conventional sense, Armenia sure packs a punch for all its unique attractions. Ready to explore?  So, what are you waiting for? The best is here, just get your booking now by dialing caribbean airlines contact number and get instant booking over the phone. Start packing now and visit these mindblowing places in Armenia with your family or friends.

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