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10 Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets In 2020

July 16, 2020

From a simple item like a butter knife or whisker to a complicated one like a tortilla maker, anything that makes your cooking experience faster and hassle-free comes under the category of kitchen gadgets. There is a huge array to choose from, suiting all budgets. So go ahead and update your kitchen pantry!

Here are the 10 must have kitchen gadgets in 2020:

60 Second Salad Maker

This is a nifty tool and a great kitchen gadget for mom which will help her to cut green salads in a jiffy. It will replace your cumbersome method of cutting with a knife and chopping board. It comes with a chopper bowl and a strainer. All you have to do is to place the salad ingredients in this bowl, place it on the base, and slice through the grates. Lift and twist the chopper bowl and repeat the chopping. By twisting it for just once or twice, you get perfectly chopped vegetables and lettuce.

Automatic Whisk & Blender

Great for beating eggs and also for making sauces and dips like mayonnaise. They are essential in baking cakes. It makes preparing the thickest of mixes very easy. It will also help to make pancake batter with less of a mess! Immersion blenders can be used to blend sauces, soups, whip coffee, make smoothies, and much more. Cooking is so much hassle-free with this one kitchen gadget must have.

Banana Slicer

The kids will just love it, slicing their own bananas! It is a plastic contraption that has grooves it, to make even slices. On the opposite side, there are small blades. It is faster and safer than using a knife and is useful while garnishing cereals. You can slice your banana with one quick motion and it is dishwasher safe. You can buy them online while surfing for kitchen gadgets with price.

Electric Kettle

Kitchen gadgets and their uses are very varied. Electric kettles are very convenient and make your cooking a fulfilling experience. You can quickly make hot water, either for brewing tea or for preparing noodles. It has a stainless steel body and consumes about 1500W. It has an auto-switch off function and the normal capacity is around 1.8L. This is very safe and you never have to worry about stuff catching fire!

Cooking Thermometers

They help to gauge the temperature of the food over a wide range and are very essential in baking and cooking meat. It can detect temperatures electronically over a wide range from -50 degrees to 300 degrees. It has a stainless-steel probe and a digital sensor.

Storage Containers

These are plastic microwave-safe and can be easily washed by dishwasher. They are available in bright colors and there are marks on the sides indicating the amounts of items that can be stored in them. You can prep, measure, and store all your ingredients in the refrigerators. They are easily stackable to store away instantly.

Digital Kitchen Scale

Do you have any idea how much 4 ounces of meat is? Then the digital kitchen scale is just right for you! It will help you to weigh all your ingredients and is a must for baking bread.

Grater & Chopper

It is one of those kitchen gadgets you can’t live without. Having an efficient grater and chopper makes life so easy. There are so many recipes that require just a little bit of lemon zest or maybe just a clove or two of garlic grated. In such cases, it becomes cumbersome to use the food processor. A grater and chopper come handy to get the ingredients ready in a fraction of a minute.

Cutting Board

It is used for chopping veggies, cutting and serving, and it is eco-friendly. Magnetic cutting boards are also available. They are antimicrobial and odor-free. They can be used for many years, and will not crack or break.

Slow Cooking Pot

This is one hell of a task manager that helps you to balance between your cooking and your office work. The slow cooking pot has built-in microprocessor controlled programs. You can cook almost everything from the staple rice and pulses to meat and stews in a slow cooker. The biggest perk is that you can just put all the ingredients in it, set the timer, and go back to your office work without having to worry about your food getting burnt or overcooked.


With the aforementioned kitchen gadgets, cooking can turn into a fun and relaxing activity. You can even include your spouse and kids in cooking and baking which will also help you develop a stronger family bond.

Celebrate your inner chef with these time-saving kitchen gadgets and tools!

What are your favorite kitchen gadgets? Let us know in the comments below.

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