Ways To Wear A Varsity Jacket
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3 Different Ways To Wear A Varsity Jacket

March 4, 2020

Varsity Jackets came into existence in 1865 when jackets bearing the letter “H” were awarded to the Harvard University baseball team (these jackets were known as the letterheads jacket at that time). It became a symbol of achievement amongst the elite schools of the nation. These jackets were only given to the best players in the team. Only the top performers deserved to wear these prestigious jackets. If the athlete underperformed in the season, his jacket was taken away from him.

In 1930s varsity jackets emerged in the form that sees today and still symbolizes elite performance of athletes at universities and high schools. These jackets personified class and excellence and became the hottest trend. Everyone wanted a varsity jacket. Varsity jackets rose in popularity and became the avant-garde of fashion and were worn by icons like Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley and became a staple item in everyone’s wardrobe. There minimalist style and youngster vibe made them popular all around the globe.

Though they are not the hottest item anymore they are still one of those timeless jackets that are still in fashion and everyone still owns, loves and wears them. They are a classic true American outwear article that still symbolizes excellence and are worn by people of all ages and sizes.

In this blog, we’ll talk about 3 different ways in which you can wear these everlasting jackets and look amazing.

1. The Sporty Look

The sporty look is a look that varsity jackets absolutely nail. They’ve naturally got that sporty and casual vibe to them. You just look at varsity jackets and instantly get a sporty feeling in your mind. They’ve got all the features and elements that naturally give it a nostalgic preppy sporty look and you’ve simply got to stick to the basics. Simply pair the varsity jacket with a plain solid t-shirt and some jeans, gym pants or trousers. Finish the look by wearing sneakers or athletic shoes with them and put on a baseball or a basketball cap with them if you want.

2. The Street Look

Although varsity jackets have sports embedded in their DNA they are quite capable of pulling off other looks as well. Let’s take the street look for instance. A varsity jacket is laid-back by default and has an edgy urban feel to it. To nail the look simply pair it with slick skinny jeans or black chinos and a solid plain t-shirt. Finish the look by wearing laced boots or simple Chelsea boots. Accessorize a bit as well. Wear some dark shades, a watch and put on a thin simple chain if you want and you’re ready to go.

3. The Office Look (Business Casual)

Who says you can’t wear varsity jackets to work? We all know that they look casual and sporty but trust me they look pretty darn amazing and go perfectly in the office look as well.  To nail this business casual look you’ll need to keep everything in a balance and cannot go overboard. Keeping things sophisticated and simple is the key to getting that clean 9-5 look. You might need a bit of texture to give that much needed depth to the look. You don’t want the look to be one dimensional.

Remember to keep the color tone in low saturation. To nail the look pair your varsity jacket with a plain white dress shirt and a knitted style tie. Put on a simple matching sweater and nubby wool pants. Finish off the look with a nice and classy belt and oxfords or boots. You can add accessories such as a watch and a nice pair of shades and voila there you have it, your business casual outfit is complete.

These were the three looks these Ivy League babies can nail pretty easily. Remember to always choose the right colors when you go for any look with varsity jackets. Varsity jackets are easy to go wrong with when you go for something other than the sporty look.

So always be careful and do wear accessories that are relevant to your look. Accessories really help in uplifting the look and can simply put life in even the simplest of styles. Go give these looks a try and let us know how you feel in the comments section below.

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