Unique Benefits For Members Of The Military

3 Unique Benefits For Members Of The Military

October 19, 2023

If you’re a member of the armed forces, you are entitled to certain work benefits that are different from those offered to civilians. Here are three unique benefits for members of the military.

1. Military Discounts

Members of the armed forces are often eligible for military airfare discounts, store discounts, and reduced prices for various services. For the most part, these discounts are available to military personnel, veterans, and their family members. You may have access to lists of stores, products, and services you can use your discount for, but you should also check with individual stores, particularly small businesses.

2. Tuition Assistance

The military offers several types of tuition assistance to students who are interested in joining a branch of the armed forces and current or former members who want to continue their educations. You may be eligible for an ROTC scholarship or tuition reimbursement if you join the army, navy, marines, or air force. The Coast Guard also offers scholarships. The GI Bill provides funding for job training and college tuition. You should also check whether your family members are eligible for military tuition assistance for dependents.

3. Armed Forces Tax Benefits

If you are serving or have served as an active-duty or reserve member of the military, you may be eligible for Armed Forces Tax Benefits, a form of financial assistance. Support personnel, such as members of the American Red Cross and the U.S. Merchant Marines do not qualify. You do not need to apply or request admission to this program. All you need to do is include the necessary information and forms when you file your taxes.

Ask about benefits for members of the military when you first start your job and continue to review the services available to you throughout your career. This will help you maximize your benefits.

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