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3 Untold Benefits Of A Heat Pump That You Must Know (Viz A Vis A Furnace)

March 3, 2024

Did you know that according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, a heat pump will cut your home site energy use by an average of 31% – 47%? Moreover, with better insulation, a heat pump will save you between 41% – and 52% of your energy use!

Are you still not convinced about getting a heat pump or furnace? Keep reading this article for detailed heat pump benefits and why you need it in your home. It might be your way out of skyrocketing home heating and cooling bills. Let’s start!

Better Energy Efficiency

Before finalizing your heat pump or furnace debate, you’d want to know which is more energy efficient, right? In this case, let’s explore a few facts. A heat pump typically uses the heat transfer mechanism – transferring heat from one location to the other.

On the other hand, a furnace generates heat through combustion. So, a heat pump generally pumps heat from outside air or the ground and transfers it into your home. Your guess is correct: the heat pump takes the energy efficiency cup.

Even better, a heat pump has a reversible operation, meaning it can seamlessly operate in reverse for cooling purposes. For this reason, a heat pump will extract heat from the inside of your home and release it into the outdoors, cooling your house during the hot summers. As a result, you’ll not need a separate heating and cooling system, enhancing energy efficiency and keeping money in your pocket. So, whenever you’re in a dilemma on whether to go for a heat pump or furnace, opt for the heat pump to benefit from its dual functionality.

Environmentally Friendly

According to the Rocky Mountain Institute, replacing your gas furnace with a heat pump reduces climate pollution by up to 93%! So, as a climate champion, will you opt for a heat pump or furnace to heat your home? Well, if you’re like most environmentalists, a heat pump wins for good reasons. For instance, opting for a heat pump will significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Typically, you’ll use electricity to transfer heat from one location to another, unlike a furnace, where you’ll be forced to burn fossil fuels such as natural gas, propane, or oil. Such fossils produce emissions that are harmful to the environment.

Did you know it’s possible to power your heat pump using electricity from renewable energy sources such as wind, hydroelectric, and solar power? In this case, you’ll help to reduce negative environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable energy system. On the other hand, when you use a furnace that burns fossil fuel, you’ll release pollutants such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and particulate matter into the air, which are harmful to your family’s health. So, a heat pump or furnace? A heat pump takes the day as a more environmentally friendly option.

Unmatched Safety

What’s more safe, a heat pump or furnace? Let’s get into the nitty-gritty. Firstly, a safety advantage of a heat pump over a furnace is that it doesn’t generate heat using a combustion process. On the other hand, a furnace must burn fuel, such as propane or natural gas, to generate heat. For this reason, a heat pump is considered safer than a furnace because it eliminates the risk of gas leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning, and possible fire hazards.

Additionally, a furnace tends to have hot surfaces such as burners and heat exchanges, which may pose a threat of a heat burn if you touch them. For this reason, you’ll need to be more careful when you come into close contact with it. Contrarily, a heat pump doesn’t have hot surfaces during operation. For this reason, in a safe heat pump or furnace debate, a heat pump takes the win as it’s safer regarding possible burns or injuries, especially for your children or pets.

In Summary

Heat pump or furnace? A heat pump takes the win. It has better energy efficiency, it’s friendly to the environment, and keeps your family safe from possible heat burns. Are you not yet convinced? Check our website for more information about the benefits of a heat pump and insightful heating and cooling facts.

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