Elegant Touches For Your Wedding

4 Must-Have Elegant Touches For Your Wedding

February 15, 2022

Are you in the early stages of planning your wedding? Are you going for an elegant and sophisticated vibe, making sure all the details reflect this feeling? The good news is that there are many ways to achieve an elegant wedding from the large details to the smallest touches. As you piece all the elements together, here are four must-have elegant touches for your wedding that you may want to include.

It Starts With The Venue

Before you get too far ahead of yourself, an elegant wedding begins with the venue you choose. This doesn’t mean you have to choose an over-the-top location that is out of your price range; instead, it needs to be eye-catching, special, romantic, and elegant. Many places can check off those boxes. Once you do book your venue and your date, you can choose sophisticated looking invitations that will do a great job setting the tone from the get-go.

Elegance Should Spill Over Into The Wardrobe

Creating an elegant vibe at your wedding is a multi-pronged approach that can appear in all different elements of the day. Your wardrobe is no exception. When choosing the perfect wedding dress, grooms suit, and bridal party attire, elegance should be top of the list. This means choosing classic designs in traditional colours such as silver, gold, white, black and so forth.

Vintage pieces can also be used as accessories to help pull the look together. Think vintage jewellery, a vintage veil or headpiece, a vintage suit for the groom, and even vintage hairstyles for the bridesmaids.

The Menu Should Be Refined & Sophisticated

Whether you are serving a full meal or just appetisers and drinks, the menu needs to be refined and sophisticated. This is one of the best ways to create an elegant vibe and help set your day apart from other weddings. You can speak to the caterer or food service provider about the options, making clear that everything needs to reflect your elegant theme. Even how the food is presented and served will be important.

Hire An Elegant & Traditional Car

Chances are you will need transportation to get you to the wedding ceremony and potentially the reception, so why not travel in style? This is a great opportunity to add elegance to the day, and it can also make for the perfect photo backdrop. You can find luxurious and elegant wedding cars in London for hire such as a Bentley, Jaguar, Bristol, Maserati, Rolls Royce and more. You can choose a vintage model or something more current. The entire look can be capped off with a personal chauffeur. Just be sure you book your car hire well in advance so you get your first choice model.

Using all of these tips will help you to plan the most beautiful and elegant wedding imaginable. Because you have some very specific goals in mind, using a theme will help to pull it together and ensure the concept makes sense.

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