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5 Expert Tips For A Perfect Realtor Headshot

March 6, 2020

A professional headshot has become an absolute necessity for a realtor or a real estate agent. It is a part of personal branding, and clients expect to see it everywhere-on your website, business cards, public benches, etc. Also, in today’s digital world, people prefer to search for everything on the internet. If your prospective client is searching for a real estate agent online, your headshot is often the first time he will see you. So, it should be a professional photo that represents who you are and what you stand for.

If the presentation and quality of a headshot are so important, how can you ensure that it puts your best face forward? Here are some of the expert tips to help you get a perfect headshot:

1. Hire A Professional Photographer

Don’t just pay for a photo, but hire someone to take control of the situation. If you are working with a professional photographer, they’ll put you at ease. They know what goes into a successful realtor headshot. They’ll make suggestions for your wardrobe, guide you through the poses, and let you know how to get the most out of the photoshoot.

Make sure to know about all the services will provide you. Ask your queries or questions before you confirm the details. Does he know the purpose of your headshot; is the photo for social media, website or marketing campaign? Does he charge extra for post-production; and what delivery method he uses? Talk about your specific expectations.

2. Cheese For Your Realtor Headshot

Your facial expressions can make or break the game. Some real estate agents think that a blank, stone-faced expression defeats a warm smile. However, a smile makes you appear more trustworthy and honest! Thus, in your real estate agent heads, don’t afraid to give a huge smile. Bring a real smile to your face so that the prospective clients can sense the authenticity in the photo.

3. Wear Something Professional

Wear something flattering and comfortable, yet professional. Remember, the purpose of your headshot is to show that you are confident, capable, and knowledgeable. So, don’t let your wardrobe choice distract you from this objective.

Loud colors, busy patterns or excessive jewelry are distracting. You can go for a classic professional look and traditional colors, such as gray, navy blue, charcoal, etc. If you go with patterns, keep it subtle. And, make sure that your clothes fit you well.

4. Wear Makeup But Not Too Much

When it comes to looking great in your headshot, even a subtle difference can make a big impact. Makeup increases people’s perception of a woman’s competence, trustworthiness, and likability. Don’t overdo it though! Smartly applied makeup can help both men and women to look great in the pictures. You can search for a good makeup artist before booking your shoot.

5. Communicate Your Message

Make sure you are honest with your photographer about how you want the headshot to look. If your brand is buttoned up, you need to look professional. If you are a fun-loving person and use bright colors throughout the brand, you may want to communicate this in your headshot. You can wear a fun yet professional outfit for this.

Whatever your message is, you can communicate it through the headshot with a little more attention to the details. However, make your photographer understand what your vision is. So, be vocal, and try to get a photo you’ll love, and that fits your brand.

Besides, keep your headshot up-to-date. If your outfit is outdated, your haircut has changed drastically, or you are simply not happy with the photo any more, consider a new headshot.

To Sum Up

With these expert tips, you are all set for your close-up! One thing that people have a problem with is, being objective about their own photo. You may love a headshot that doesn’t work or discard the one that does. Moreover, the friends and family have the same bias; they’ll tell you only nice things to avoid hurting you. So, it’s better to seek unbiased advice from your photographer.

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