5 Key Factors To Consider When Choosing A Solar Installer
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5 Key Factors To Consider When Choosing A Solar Installer

June 27, 2023

Your installer should be able to explain the benefits of solar in simple terms and show you examples. They should also be able to answer any questions you have.

Ask potential installers about their equipment and warranties. Be sure to consider industry failure rates and warranty enforcement when deciding which company to choose.


A reputation is built over time and can accurately measure a company’s reliability. Ask your friends and neighbors for a recommendation or check online reviews to see if anyone has had an excellent or terrible experience working with the installer.

You can also learn a lot about an installer by their business practices. Find out if they hire their crews in-house or use subcontractors for installation. In-house teams are more consistent with a company’s established standards.

Look for state-specific licensing and certifications. For example, Oregon requires that solar professionals have a Contractor’s State License Board number (CCB). It would help if you also looked for industry-standard credentials, like NABCEP Certification. This is the most modern and highly respected credential for solar energy professionals. Having a local service team means getting maintenance and support in person.


Solar energy systems have two main components – solar panels (panel points) and inverters. Panels convert the sun’s direct current (DC) into usable alternating current (AC). Look for an installer offering a manufacturer warranty covering individual product defects and an artistry or performance guarantee ensuring your system produces as expected in your contract.

A warranty is only good if valid, so ask your potential solar installers about their work environments. Do they keep their crews happy and satisfied so that they will be eager to produce the best possible results?

Also, make sure you are comparing apples to apples when evaluating quotes from multiple companies. One company may include permit fees and installation taxes, while others leave these out.


Like any new industry, the solar power space is full of companies that must be more reputable. Often these are small construction companies that have pivoted into solar without taking the time to become experts in the field. These companies are likelier to sell you cheap equipment and perform poor installation.

Denver solar installers that care about its customers will be transparent and walk you through the entire process from start to finish. Search companies with informative websites, blogs, and YouTube channels provide valuable educational content.

In addition, you should ask about the solar company’s work environment. Colorado solar installers that invest in the welfare of their crew are more likely to have happy workers, which will result in a better experience for you.


When choosing a solar installer, ask about the quality of their equipment and what sets it apart. A good installer should be able to explain their panel technology, failure rates, and warranty enforcement. They should also be able to explain solar incentives and how they work clearly.

Look for a company that has an in-house crew. Often, larger national installers outsource their installation crews and can have different practices and methods. Choosing a local solar company with in-house teams ensures they will be there if service is needed.

Ask potential installers about the type of inverter they use and what the performance numbers mean. The more efficient the inverter, the lower your system’s cost per watt. It’s also essential to understand how much DC power the inverter produces versus AC power.

Customer Service

For most customers, solar energy is a new experience and requires effective communication from the installer. Look for a company that answers questions promptly and thoroughly and is transparent about its entire process.

Ask any potential solar installer candidates about their work environment. Do they offer a supportive culture that motivates their employees? Happy and inspired staff are more likely to provide excellent customer service.

Also, ask about their installers’ training and experience. Do they have an entire team of NABCEP-certified technicians and electricians? This will ensure your system is installed correctly and complies with local building codes. In addition, a local solar company will have someone available to service your plan as needed. This will save you time and money in the long run!

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