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5 Reasons Why Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets Are Worth The Investment

September 8, 2023

Whether you’re looking for cool and soft sheets, comfortable or luxurious, these Egyptian cotton sets will do the trick. Beware that thread count can be deceiving; manufacturers sometimes inflate it.

Look for the CEA’s accredited seal on packaging or product descriptions to ensure your sheet set is genuine. It should also have extra-long-staple cotton, which produces less lint than regular cotton fibers.


The longer fibers of Egyptian cotton produce a thinner, sumptuous fabric that’s softer and more durable than shorter fibers of other types. The weaves are also breathable, making them suitable for warmer climates.

Sheets are rated for softness by the thread count, and many brands boast a 600+ thread count that feels silky smooth. However, a high thread count won’t necessarily translate to softness; pay attention to the weave style and other factors like the materials used.

Look for sheets crafted of long-staple Egyptian cotton grown in the Nile River region, which is said to have a chemical composition that promotes growth. Check the label for OEKO-TEX certification and the Cotton Egypt Association (CEA) seal. The latter is a guarantee of authenticity. If you want a softer feel, choose sheets with a sateen weave that adds a sheen or percale, which features a basic one-over, one-under pattern.


The fabric is more porous than other cotton types, allowing air to permeate it. This helps keep you cool, and it also wicks away sweat. These features are why Egyptian cotton sheets are famous among warm sleepers.

Unlike other sheets, they soften up each time you wash them. Plus, they resist pilling and produce less lint like other cotton.

When shopping for Egyptian cotton Scottsdale Arizona sheets, look for the label that identifies them as such. You may also want to check if the product has been mercerized. This process adds extra strength and resilience, making them more durable. You’ll also want to look for a machine-washable sheet set in cold water and tumbled dry on low heat.


When it comes to sheets, you need them to hold up over time. It can be a waste of money if you’re constantly replacing yours due to damage from use or fraying from washing. That’s why choosing a higher-quality fabric is always worth the investment.

Sheets made with genuine Egyptian cotton (from the Gossypium barbadense plant) are more durable than those crafted from lesser materials. They’re also less prone to pilling and produce less lint. Additionally, authentic Egyptian cotton sheets are naturally breathable and more insulating than shorter-staple varieties.

These Egyptian cotton sheets have a high thread count and sateen weave, which’re luxuriously soft. Plus, they’re OEKO-TEX certified, so you can rest assured they were made with no harmful chemicals or synthetics.


Authentic Egyptian cotton is grown along the Nile River and has a unique soil composition that creates optimum growing conditions. The resulting cotton has extra-long-staple natural fibers less prone to breaking, pilling, or wrinkling.

Egyptian cotton is your best bet if you’re looking for a luxurious feeling with an array of colors and patterns to match your bedroom décor. Unlike regular cotton sheets, the fabric takes well to dyeing and offers a wide color selection.

Keep in mind that natural fabrics like these require special care. To help prevent your sheets from fading and becoming dull, wash them in cold water with mild detergents. It’s best to keep them folded and stored in a clean fabric bag or box when not in use.


With proper care, your Egyptian cotton bed sheets will last years before needing replacement. While they may cost more upfront than other sheet sets, their durability and luxury will make them worth the investment.

Authentic Egyptian cotton is grown along the Nile River, where the soil has a unique chemical composition that provides optimum growing conditions for Gossypium barbadense. This results in extra-long cotton natural fibers that create softer and more durable fabric.

When shopping for Egyptian cotton, pay attention to the thread count. Some brands inflate their thread count using ring-spun yarns that are not combed before weaving, resulting in rough and itchy sheets. The best Egyptian cotton sheets use combed and twisted tales that produce smooth, soft sheets that feel great.

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