Enjoy Weekend Private Parties

5 Ways To Enjoy Weekend Private Parties

October 16, 2023

Be sure to send out party invitations within a reasonable time frame. This allows your guests to plan and will make the event less stressful. Consider having some fun party activities. They help entertain your guests and can be a great conversation starter. Also, set a clear ending time so your guests can leave when ready.

Have A BBQ

The classic summer party, a barbecue can be low-key and still provide guests an unforgettable experience. If you are planning on inviting children, be sure to state that clearly in your invitations. Otherwise, you risk having a few guests decline due to childcare concerns.

Adding a playful theme or activity is also a great way to add excitement. A bouncy castle is always popular with kids and adults, and a scavenger hunt can make for an entertaining icebreaker.

Providing a selection of alcoholic beverages is another way to help guests loosen up and enjoy the evening. Beer, frozen margaritas, and a pitcher of gin and tonic are all crowd-pleasing choices. You can try Hilton Head Tavern for an exciting bar and grill experience with family and friends.

Have A Movie Night

A movie night is a fun party idea that only requires fancy decor. Instead, lean into a theme and get creative with your food. A sports-themed movie night, for example, could involve a few team-colored decorations and stadium-worthy snacks. Set up chairs or blankets in a circle for guests to sit and watch the movie. Host a scavenger hunt and award the winning team or kid a prize for added fun! Themed party favors are always a hit, too. Think mini clapboards, star stickers, and movie-themed cupcakes. Make sure the party is invitation only to avoid gate-crashers.

Have A Game Night

Whether you’re hosting friends or family, games are an ideal way to connect with people and create shared memories. But setting up a game night takes careful planning – the right approach can mean the difference between a night that leaves players irritated and one that they look forward to recreating the next weekend. Choose a mix of games that everyone will enjoy. Avoid games with too many rules, as this will slow the pace of play and lead to frustration. Make sure your guests have something to eat and drink. For convenience and to ensure a great food experience, you can check out Bricks on Boundary.

Have A Cookout

Depending on your guest count, you might need to fill a big cooler with ice to have plenty of water, seltzers, and beer available. Asking guests to BYOB is also a good idea and makes it easy for you.

Choose a date that falls on a weekend to ensure that your friends will be able to attend. Avoid dates on holidays or other events, as many people will have other plans.

Make sure everyone has food before they start drinking. This will help them stay sober longer and prevent dangerous situations. During the party, it’s also important to know who is sober to deal with any issues quickly.

Have A Pool Party

pool party is a fun way to get in the summer spirit, and it can be even more memorable with food, drinks, and activities that match your theme. Henna adds a fun touch to any pool party, and some stencils and kits make it easy for your guests to curate intricate designs. A sunscreen station is an ingenious idea — you can supply plenty of lotion or spray, and it’ll be convenient for guests to reapply.

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