Functional And Fashionable Use Of Ottomans
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6 Functional & Fashionable Use Of Ottomans

January 10, 2024

The beloved but often-overlooked ottoman is a true houseworkhorse that deserves occasional TLC. No matter what you need it for—a place to rest your feet after a hard day, extra seating for visitors, or even more storage—your ottoman will more than deliver.

An ottoman’s upholstery and construction determine whether it’s a delicate accent, a strong outdoor mainstay, or a plush seat. Many believe ottomans are a great addition to any room, so if you’ve considered getting one, get a few! The following are some ottoman-friendly ways that designers recommend using them.

1. Additional Seat

Naturally, ottomans can also serve as additional seating for gatherings. Because of its compact design, ottomans allow you to easily accommodate guests by rearranging their seating as needed.

So, if you want to use ottomans as extra seats, opt for a wicker or rattan ottoman. This material can endure the weather and is suitable for indoor and outdoor usage.

2. Choose The Ones With Built-In Storage

An ottoman with an integrated storage pocket is the perfect way to keep your shoes, books, and additional cushions out of sight. You may enhance the aesthetics of your bedroom while simultaneously adding storage with traditionally fashioned items, including wooden handles and spindle legs.

3. Decorate Your Dressing Room

Swap out your old stool with an ottoman to upgrade your dressing room or vanity. Opt for a fully upholstered item in shiny metallic shades or deep-set button tufting to create a strong impression.

4. Make It Your Coffee Table

An ottoman with a lovely design can stand in for a coffee table if you’re going for a more eclectic style. When choosing a large ottoman for your coffee table, it’s recommended to make sure it’s about three-quarters the length of your sofa. So, before buying new furniture, measure the room to ensure it will complement the existing pieces.

Also, a storage ottoman is a popular choice for a coffee table because it serves as a table and a place to put necessities. You can try centering a tray on your coffee table ottoman and filling it with books, candles, and whatever else you wish to showcase as a way to design it. Then, just take the tray out when you need to load up on snacks and drinks.

5. Place At The End Of The Bed

You may achieve a classic appearance by placing an upholstered ottoman at the foot of the bed. This ottoman style is typically long and rectangular, reaching over the bed.

Also, an ottoman serves dual purposes: a stylish accent piece for your bedroom and a practical seat for removing your shoes. The versatility of a storage ottoman makes it an ideal piece of bedroom furniture for housing personal items such as clothing, books, and more. Consider how the upholstery will look with your bedding and window coverings before deciding.

6. Use As A Footrest

Serving as a footstool is an ottoman’s simplest and most obvious purpose. Add a little ottoman to your favorite lounge chair for a cozy reading corner or napping space.

When choosing a footstool, it’s important to consider the chair’s dimensions, design, and material. The upholstery should be strong enough to endure heavy use and go well with the chair’s existing fabric. Fabrics like linen or performance blends are great options because they are easy to clean.

Find The Right Ottoman For Your Space

Even if an ottoman won’t draw direct attention to itself, it doesn’t imply it is unimportant. These one-of-a-kind furniture pieces have so many attractive and practical functions; you will adore them. You may choose an ottoman style that works for you, whether you need a little seat, a place to put your feet up, or some extra storage space.

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