Tricks To Improve Your Cookie Recipe

7 Simple Tricks To Improve Your Cookie Recipe

April 9, 2021

The perfect cookie is something all bakers strive for, and while your grandma’s famous recipe may be lost in memory, there are some simple ways to create delicious and beautiful-looking cookies. If you want to improve your cookie recipe, follow these seven simple tricks.

1. Check Your Oven’s Temperature

Even if you’ve turned your oven’s temperature to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, it doesn’t necessarily mean your oven has reached that temperature by the time you put the cookies in the oven. To make sure the temperature is accurate and ace your cookies every time, use a thermometer.

2. Use Scales Rather Than Measuring Cups

Measuring cups have their place in anyone’s kitchen, but scales provide precision that they simply can’t, and precision is crucial when it comes to baking. To make sure your measurements are as accurate as possible, invest in some high-quality scales for measuring flour, butter, sugar, and chocolate chips.

3. Use Stencils For Decoration

Have you ever wondered how professional bakers decorate a cookie to perfection? One word: stencils. Cookie stencils allow you to create patterns, images, and words as perfectly as if you were doing it on a computer. So, the next time you want to write “happy birthday!” on a batch of sugar cookies, make sure you purchase some letter stencils first.

4. Do One Batch At A Time

If you’re making cookies for a whole sports team or a school fair, you might be tempted to put three batches in the oven at one time, but you should avoid this. While it may be quicker, you’ll end up with cookies that are unevenly baked. Instead, use one tray at a time and always put them on the middle shelf in the center of the oven.

5. Soften The Butter

When it comes to baking, the temperature is key, and that is especially true for butter. Not only will soft butter be easier to beat, but it’ll also make sure your cookies end up fluffy and soft. When you next have the urge to whip up some quick cookies, remember to leave the butter out of the refrigerator for at least fifteen minutes.

6. Use High-Quality Ingredients

While the old flour from the back of your pantry and a stick of cheap butter will do the trick for some quick cookies, they won’t taste nearly as good as those made with high-quality ingredients. If you want to seriously impress people with your cookie-baking skills, invest in some quality flour, butter, eggs, and chocolate for an extra dose of deliciousness.

7. Experiment With Flavor

Everyone’s idea of the perfect cookie recipe varies, which means you must experiment to find the taste you love the most. Try adding a little nutmeg, throwing in some cinnamon powder, or using almond extract to see what flavors work best for you – don’t be afraid of being a little more adventurous, too!

By following these tricks, your cookie recipe won’t only improve, but it will become a much-loved favorite in your household.

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