Book A Relaxing Country Weekend Break

8 Reasons To Book A Relaxing Country Weekend Break

November 17, 2023

One of the best reasons to book a weekend break in the countryside is to escape everyday life. Spending time in nature allows you to destress and unwind from the daily grind. The slower pace of life in the country is refreshing and rejuvenating.

Enjoy The Great Outdoors

The countryside offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities and fresh air. Go for long walks. Spend time fishing or boating on a lake. The options for getting active in the great outdoors are endless on a country break. And you can finish your day with a delicious home-cooked meal in a country pub.

Indulge In Comfort Foods

Country inns and B&Bs take pride in serving up delicious comfort foods made from fresh local ingredients. Look forward to waking up to toast, farm-fresh scrambled eggs, and stacks of bacon. Don’t hold back on the butter and wash it all down with a nice cup of tea.

Do Absolutely Nothing

One of the best parts of a countryside break is having no set schedule or obligations. You can be as relaxed or active as you want. Feel free to sleep in late, curl up with a good book or stare out at nature. Doing absolutely nothing is rejuvenating.

Get A Taste Of Country Living

Staying on a working farm or interacting with the locals provides a taste of country living. You can learn about agriculture, meet farm animals or watch skilled craftspeople. It’s an authentic look at rural lifestyles different from your own.

Visit Quaint Country Towns

Part of the charm of the countryside is exploring the quaint small towns outside of your normal area. If you stay in log cabins Selby, for example, take a stroll through this historic market town lined with shops and eateries and visit the Abbey. There’s plenty to see and do, especially on market day.

Get Lost On Back Roads

Don’t rely on GPS when driving through the countryside. Instead, put away the devices and wander freely down meandering back roads. You never know what you’ll discover around the next curve. It’s a relaxing way to explore off the beaten path.

Gaze At The Starry Night Sky

One of the most magical parts of the countryside is the brilliant night sky untouched by light pollution. When it gets dark, look up in awe at the dazzling stars and Milky Way stretching endlessly above you. Feel your stresses drift away.

Bond With Your Travel Companion

A relaxing country getaway is perfect for quality time with your significant other, family or close friends. Bond during long conversations over meals or while exploring together. You’ll return home feeling closer than ever.

These are eight excellent reasons to book your next weekend escape to the countryside. The slower pace and beautiful scenery will do wonders for your mind, body and spirit. You’ll return home refreshed and recharged, ready to take on your regular routine again. Just don’t forget to stop and breathe in the fresh air when you need an escape!

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