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Benefits Of Hiring Professional Marine Construction Services

June 12, 2023

Professional marine contractors specialize in working with water-based projects. They possess extensive knowledge and expertise that other construction professionals cannot match.

They understand the unique environmental factors that can affect the integrity of coastal structures. They also prioritize sustainable practices for projects in or around the water. This benefits waterfront property owners in many ways.


Getting to a marine contractor’s level of expertise requires years of experience. Marine construction professionals have undergone extensive training at certified Maritime Academies or a University such as Alpena Community College with an AS in Pre-Fisheries and Wildlife Management.

Expertise is a term that describes the knowledge and skill that is gained from practice and repetition of tasks. Hiring a marine contractor with expertise means receiving quality results worth your money. Professional contractors will know how to handle different aspects of your waterfront property project, including design, external bow thruster, boat lifts, jetties, bulkheads, and environmental factors. They will ensure your project complies with local building codes and environmental regulations. Moreover, they will prioritize sustainability initiatives to minimize the impact on the surrounding ecosystem.


Licensed marine contractors meet certain state requirements that ensure they are qualified to carry out construction on coastal projects. Their work will be of high quality and abide by the environmental regulations to protect the ecosystem from damage during the project.

Moreover, the company should be fully insured to protect you from legal liability during construction. The insurance coverage should include worker’s compensation and general liability to safeguard you from financial losses.

In addition, you should make sure the license is current with the MCLB and that the entity representative listed on the certificate is still the same person responsible for conducting marine contractor services. If you still need to, you should ask for an updated license from the company.


Marine construction is often dangerous, and professional companies carry insurance to protect workers in case of any accidents. They also endeavor to ensure that local safety rules are followed to safeguard the health and well-being of their personnel.

A professional Florida marine construction company will also consider environmental concerns, as construction in or around water can negatively impact ecosystems. Property owners can help preserve the beauty of their natural surroundings by choosing eco-conscious contractors.

Reduce staff costs without cutting corners on quality by tapping into the network of shipyard-experienced craftworkers. With flexible contract hire options, you can borrow proven trade professionals for as long as needed. No need to worry about rising healthcare insurance costs, either – Tradesmen(r) covers the cost of their coverage.

Customer Service

Choose a trustworthy marine contractor to ensure a positive customer service experience. Ask for references and testimonials from former clients to assess their job quality.

Construction on the water differs from building on the land, meaning a marine contractor must be well-versed in the unique environmental factors and specialized equipment involved. They also need to prioritize sustainability initiatives that minimize waste and preserve the integrity of nearby ecosystems.

Using a skilled marine contractor protects your waterfront property from costly blunders and informs you that your project is being completed appropriately. Furthermore, they will always deliver on time and provide exceptional customer service throughout the process! Upper Keys Marine embraces the old-school ideals of honesty and pride in creativity, which are becoming increasingly rare. They performed an excellent job for us, and we hope to deal with them again in the future.

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